ISAAT 2013 Cover Advances in Abrasive Technology XVI
Julong Uuan, Ming Chen, Jun Wang, Libo Zhou, and Binghai Lv Editors
Selected, peer reviewed papers from ISAAT 2013
776 pages
(ISBN: 13-978-3-03785-825-7)
Advances in Materials Research Vol 797
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Table of Contents

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This volume contains peer-reviewed technical papers from the 16th International Symposium on Advances in Abrasive Technology (ISAAT 2013) held in conjunction with the 17th Chinese Conference of Abrasive Technology (CCAT 2013) September 23-26, 2013 Hangzhou China.
While abrasives technology is more than a century old, advances continually evolve to meet the changing needs of modern industy. New levels of precision, new abrasive materials, and applications to an ever increasing range of advanced materials call for new and improved methods and tools reviewed in this volume. The goal of all papers is to exchange new scienfic theories,technologies, methods and equipment in the field of abrasive processing. The conference included some advanced machining technologies that often compete with abrasives technology in the manufacturing environment.

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Introductory comments from the authors can be viewed in Preface

Chapter 1: Abrasive Jet Machining

  • Optimization of Hybrid Laser-Waterjet Micromachining of Silicon
        by Viboon Tangwarodomnukun, Jun Wang   --3
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  • A Visualization Study of the Radial-Mode Abrasive Waterjet Turning Process for Alumina Ceramics
        by Mirza Ahmed Ali, Jing Ming Fan, Hong Tao Zhu, Jun Wang    --9
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  • An Experimental Research on Abrasive Water Jet Polishing of the Hard Brittle Ceramics
        by Zhe Lv, Chuan Zhen Huang, Jun Wang, Hong Tao Zhu, Peng Yao, Zeng Wen Liu    --15
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  • Study on the Effect of Standoff Distance on Processing Performance of Alumina Ceramics in Two Modes of Abrasive Waterjet Turning Patterns
        by Dun Liu, Chuan Zhen Huang, Jun Wang, Hong Tao Zhu, Peng Yao, Zeng Wen Liu    --21
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  • An Experimental Study on Radial-Mode Abrasive Waterjet Turning of Alumina Ceramics
        by Zhong Bo, Yue, Chuan Zhen Huang, Hong Tao Zhu, Jun Wang, Peng Yao, Zeng Wen Liu    --27 View first page
  • Kerf Profile Characteristics in Abrasive Air Jet Micromachining
        by Jing Ming Fan, Jun Wang    --33 View first page
  • A Study on Erosion Performance of Monocrystalline Silicon in Ultrasonic Vibration-Assisted Abrasive Water Jet Machining
        by Zhong Wei Zhang, Hong Tao Zhu, Chuan Zhen Huang, Jun Wang, Peng Yao, Zeng ,Wen Liu    --39 View first page
  • Impact Erosion of Quartz Crystals by Micro-Particles in Abrasive Waterjet Micro-Machining
        by H. Qi, J.M. Fan, Jun Wang    --46 View first page

    Chapter 2: Abrasive Machining

  • Optimization Design for Gun-Receiver Materials Belt Grinding Based on Orthogonal Experimental Method and Grey Relational Analysis
        by Yu Hui Chen, Yun Huang, Yao Huang    --55 View first page
  • Research on Cutter-Contact Point Data Calculation of Robotic Abrasive Belt Polishing for Gun-Receiver Surface
        by Yao Huang, Yun Huang, Rong Kai Cheng    --61 View first page
  • Research on the Technology of Nc Abrasive Belt Grinding for the Leading and Trailing Edges of Aero-Engine Blades
        by Zhao Yang Liu, Yun Huang, He Ping Wei, Chao Sun    --67 View first page
  • Feasibility Study on Grinding of Titanium Alloys with Electroplated CBN Wheels
        by Zhong De Shi, HelMi Attia    --73 View first page
  • Research of Micro-Abrasive Suspension Jet Erosion Morphology and Material Removal Mechanism
        by Zhuo Luo, Cheng Yong Wang, Rong Juan Wang    --79 View first page
  • Machining Characteristics of Multilayered Thin Film Solar Panels in Diamond Wire Sawing and Grinding
        by Han Huang, An Shun He, Cheng Wei Kang, Yu Xing Zhang, Feng Jun Chen, Hui Huang, Shao Hui Yin, Xi Peng Xu, Yue Hui He    --85 View first page
  • Influence of a Grinding Atmosphere in the Combination Grinding of Steel and WC with a Diamond Wheel
        by Shinichi Ninomiya, Manabu Iwai, Kiyoshi Suzuki    --90 View first page
  • Experimental Investigation of Material Removal Mechanism in Grinding of Alumina by Single Grain Scratch Test
        by Taghi Tawakoli, H. Kitzig, R. D. Lohner    --96 View first page
  • Compensation and Experiment Research of Machining Error for Optical Aspheric Precision Grinding
        by Xiao Long Ke, Yin Biao Guo, Chun Jin Wang    --103 View first page
  • Dynamics Modeling of Cavitation Bubble in the Grinding Area of Power Ultrasonic Honing
        by Xi Jing Zhu, Ce Guo, Jian Qing Wang, Guo Dong Liu    --108 View first page
  • Experimental Studies on Forces and Specific Energy in High Speed Grinding of Titanium Alloy Ti6Al4V
        by Hai Yan Li, Lin Tian, Yu Can Fu, Gao Qun Liu    --112 View first page
  • Study on the Effect of Coarse Grinding Area Slope Angle on Surface Quality in Point Grinding
        by Ya Dong Gong, Guo Qiang Yin, Chao Wang, Xue Long Wen, Jun Cheng    --118 View first page
  • Grinding Force Model for Low-Speed Grinding Based on Impact Principle
        by Ming He Liu, Xiu Ming, Zhang, Shi Chao Xiu    --123 View first page
  • Ultraprecision Lapping for the Zirconia Ceramic Plane
        by Hong Bo Ji, Yan Peng, Fen Fen Zhou, Wei Gang Guo, Bing Hai Lv, Ping Zhao    --129 View first page
  • Experimental Study on the Ultra-Precision Polishing for the Quartz Substrates
        by Lei Sun, Wei Gang, Guo, Ju Long Yuan, Qian Fa Deng, Ming Feng, Wen Hua Zhou    --135 View first page
  • High-Accuracy Calibration of the Wheel Spindle Tilt Angle for Grinding Hydrostatic Seal Rings Used in Reactor Coolant Pumps
        by Guang Feng, F.W. Huo, Zhu Ji Jin, R.K. Kang, Dong Ming Guo    --140 View first page

    Chapter 3: Advanced Cutting Technology

  • Experimental Study on the Thread Turning Performance of Two TiAlN Coated Thread Inserts with Different Features
        by Kang Li, Peng Nan Li, Ming Chen    --149
  • Experimental Investigation on Drilling Force and Hole Quality when Drilling of T800S/250F CFRP Laminate
        by Qing Long An, Jin Yang Xu, Xiao Jiang Cai, Ming Chen    --155
  • FEM Analyzing Effect of Tool Body Materials on Security Reliability for Face-Milling Cutter
        by Lu Ning, Liu, Zhen Yu Shi, Zhan Qiang Liu    --161
  • Effects of Cutting Conditions on the Machinability of Stainless Steel Formed by Laser Cladding
        by Bing Wang, Zhan Qiang Liu, Lun Chang Su, Lin Qing Zhang    --166
  • Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Al2O3-TaCw Ceramic Cutting Tool Materials
        by Guo Long, Zhao, Chuan Zhen Huang, Han Lian Liu, Bin Zou, Hong Tao Zhu, Jun Wang   #172 View first page
  • An Indicative End-Milling Condition Decision Support System Using Data-Mining for Difficult-to-Cut Materials Based on Comparison with Irregular Pitch and Lead End-Mill and General Purpose End-Mill
        by Hiroyuki Kodama, Toshiki Hirogaki, Eiichi Aoyama, Keiji Ogawa   #177
  • Cutting Edge Preparation of PCBN Inserts
        by Berend Denkena, Jens Köhler, C.E.H. Ventura   #183
  • Comparison of Material Removal Characteristics in Single and Multiple Cutting Edge Scratches
        by Xun Chen, Tahsin Tecelli Öpöz   #189
  • Effect of Fiber Directions on the Surface Quality of Milling C/SiC Composites
        by Yong Jie Bao, Ming Zhi Bi, Hang Gao, Bo Cao   #196
  • Numerical Investigation on Effect of Rounded Cutting Edge Radius in Milling of Ultra-High-Strength Steel 30Cr3SiNiMoVA
        by Chang Ying Wang, Jia Jin Tian, Qing Long An, Ming Chen   #202
  • Experimental Investigation on the Cutting Mechanism of Oxygen Free Copper in Cutting Speeds Ranging from 1 m/s to 210 m/s
        by Jun Shinozuka   #208 <
  • Experimental Study on Fractal Laws of Cutting Force for Machining Irregular Surface of Granite
        by Jin Sheng Zhang, Zheng Mei Zhang, Ming Wei Ding, Huai Chao Wang, Zhi Wang   #214

    Chapter 4: Btittle Material Machining

  • Experimental Investigations of Grinding Forces in Elliptical Ultrasonic Assisted Grinding (EUAG) of Monocrystal Sapphire
        by Zhi Qiang Liang, Tian Feng Zhou, Xi Bin Wang, Yong Bo Wu, Wen Xiang Zhao    --223
  • Grinding Force and Surface Roughness in Ultrasonic Assisted Grinding of SiC Ceramics with Diamond Grinding Wheel
        by Li Fei Liu, Fei Hu Zhang, Chun Hui Li, Jiang Chen, Min Hui Liu    --234 View first page
  • Development of High-Efficiency and Crack-Free Grinding Process for Chamfering of LCD Glass Edge
        by Y.B. Tian, H. Xu    --240 View first page
  • Predicted Model of Cutting Force for Single Diamond Fast Milling Hard-Brittle Materials
        by Shan Shan Hu, Cheng Gang Chen, Ying Ning Hu, Dong Rui Zheng    --246
  • Study on Thermal Influence of Grinding Process on LiTaO3
        by Wei Hang, Li Bo Zhou, Jun Shimizu, Ju Long Yuan    --252
  • Study on Chemical Mechanical Polishing Parameters of 6H-SiC Crystal Substrate Based on Diamond Abrasive
        by Jian Xiu Su, Zhu Qing Zhang, Jian Guo Yao, Li Jie Ma, Qi Gao Feng    --261
  • Optimization of Process Parameters Based on Multi-Process and Multi-Evaluation Index for Function Ceramics in CMP
        by Zi Hua Hu, Jiao Peng, Man Ke Gao    --266
  • Investigation of Surface Roughness for Grinding Silicon Wafer of the Micro Pellet Diamond Tool
        by Shenq Yih Luo, Tsung Han Yu    --273
  • Investigation of Dressing Characteristics of Single Crystal Diamond in CMP
        by W.K. Chen, M.Y. Tsai, Y.L. Pai    --279
  • Study of Cluster Magnetorheological-Chemical Mechanical Polishing Technology for the Atomic Scale Ultra-Smooth Surface Planarization of SiC
        by Jiang Ting Zhu, Jia Bin Lu, Ji Sheng Pan, Qiu Sheng Yan, Xi Peng Xu    --284

    Chapter 6: Coolants and Cooling

  • Development of an Innovative Water Machining System Employing the Electric Rust Preventive Method -Precise Evaluation of Purity of the Refined Water with a Laser Turbidity Meter
        by Naohiro Nishikawa, Takekazu Sawa, Yoshihiro Hagihara, Nobuhito Yoshihara, Hiroaki Okawai, Toshirou Iyama, Masahiro Mizuno, Shinya Tsukamoto    --293 View first page
  • A Model of the Fluid Convective Cooling in Grinding Process
        by Lei Zhang, Michael N. Morgan    --299 View first page

    Chapter 7: Design, Fabrication and Analysis of Devices for the Applications of Abrasive Technologies

  • Development of Non-Destructive Inspection System for Grinding Burn - An Application of the Grinding Burn Detecting Technique to Evaluate Residual Stress
        by Ryo Ito, Takayuki Azuma, Tomoyuki Kasuga, Shinji Soma, Shinji Murakami, Tunemoto Kuriyagawa    --307

    Chapter 8: EDM, Ultrasonic Machining and Laser Machining

  • Research on the Ultrasonic Assisted WEDM of Ti-6Al-4V
        by Guang Chao Han, Sein Leung Soo, D.K. Aspinwall, Debajyoti Bhaduri    --315
  • Study on Ultrasonic Generator for Ultrasonically Assisted Machining
        by Ying Shuai Xu, Ping Zou, Xu Lei Yang, Yu He    --320
  • Surface Textures Fabrication on Zirconia Ceramics by 3D Ultrasonic Vibration Assisted Slant Feed Grinding
        by Shao Lin Xu, Chihiro Nishikawa, Keita Shimada, Masayoshi Mizutani, Tunemoto Kuriyagawa    --326 View first page
  • Effect of Ultrasonic Vibration Parameters on Machining Performance Based on Tool-Workpiece Contact Ratio
        by Dong Lu, Qiang Wang, Yong Bo Wu, Hong ?u Huang    --332
  • Surface Quality of Textured Surface on Cylindrical Inner Surface Using Whirling Electrical Discharge Texturing
        by Vitchuda Lertphokanont, Takayuki Sato, Minoru Ota, Keishi Yamaguchi, Kai Egashira    --338
  • Fundamental Machining Characteristics of Ultrasonic Assisted Turning of Titanium Alloy Ti-6Al-4V
        by Yong Bo Wu, Jing Ti Niu, M. Fujimoto, M. Nomura    --344
  • Effectiveness of Ultrasonic Vibration on Press Forming
        by Yutaka Ashida, Hideki Aoyama    --350
  • A Study on Ultrasonic Assisted Grinding of Nickel-Based Superalloys
        by Wen Qing Song, Yong Bo Wu, Jian Guo Cao, Jing Ti Niu    --356 View first page
  • Effect of Ultrasonic EDM on Machinability of Coarse PCD
        by Manabu Iwai, Shinichi Ninomiya, Zhi Rong Zhou, Kiyoshi Suzuki    --362 View first page
  • Micro-Grooving of Glass Using Small-Diameter Diamond Grindstone with Ultrasonic Vibration
        by Shigeomi Koshimizu, Shigeru Aoki    --368 View first page
  • A Study on Grinding Tungsten Carbide with Ultrasonic Assisted
        by Pei Lum Tso, Chao Chun Tseng    --374 View first page

    Chapter 9: Finishing, Lapping and Polishing

  • Research on Ultra Precision Mirror Machining Technology for Aluminum Alloy Mobile Phone Shell
        by Jia Liang Guan, Xiao Hui Zhang, Xin Qiang Ma, Zhi Wei Wang, Li Li Zhu    --385
  • Research on Process Parameters Influencing on Cutting Force in Abrasive Flow Machining (AFM)
        by Ke Hua Zhang, Jin Fu Ding, Yong Chao Xu    --390
  • Effects of Magnetic Fluid on Machining Characteristics in Magnetic Field Assisted Polishing Process
        by Shao Hui Yin, Zhi Qiang Xu, Hong Jie Duan, Feng Jun Chen    --396 View first page
  • Effects of Permanent Magnet Excitation on Material Removal Rate in Area Taking Magnetorhelogical Finishing
        by Shao Hui Yin, Yong Qiang Wang, Gao Jian Deng, Hu Luo, Feng Jun Chen, Zhao Cheng Lu    --401 View first page
  • Research on Grain Impacting Load in Abrasive Flow Machining
        by Jin Fu Ding, Ke Hua Zhang, Yong Chao Xu    --405 View first page
  • Study of Process Characteristics of Abrasive Flow Machining (AFM) for Ti-6Al-4V and Validation with Process Model
        by Takashi Sato, Stephen Wan, Yu Jing Ang    --411 View first page
  • Study on the Characteristics of New Abrasive Medium for Abrasive Flow Machining
        by Hang Gao, You Zhi Fu, Jian Hui Zhu, M.Y. Wu, Yu Wen Sun    --417 View first page
  • Experimental Study on Micro-Deliquescence Ultra-Precision Polishing with Fine Water Mist for KDP Crystal
        by Xu Wang, Hang Gao, Dong Ming Guo, Y.C. Chen, C.P. Song    --423 View first page
  • Research on Distribution of Magnetic Particles Based on Magnetic Field Control Grinding Wheel
        by Shao Hui Yin, Sheng Gong, Feng Jun Chen, Ming Wang    --428 View first page
  • Experimental Research on Rolling Bearing Raceway Finishing
        by Pei Qi Ge, Jian Long Zhang    --432 View first page
  • A Study on the Analysis of Influential Factors for 300mm Wafer Final Polishing
        by Woong Kirl, Choi, Eun Sang Lee, Hon Zong Choi, Nam Kyung Kim    --438
  • Study on Dual-Plane Ball Polishing Method for Finishing Ceramics Ball
        by Kai Ping Feng, Zhao Zhong, Zhou, Bing Hai Lv, Ju Long Yuan    --444
  • Polishing Characteristics of a Low Frequency Vibration Assisted Polishing Method
        by Wei Min Lin, Sze Keat Chee, Hirofumi Suzuki, Toshiro Higuchi    --450 View first page
  • Polishing Technology and Phenomena of the Inner/Outer Surfaces of Small Cup-Type Nickel Tube-Study of Ultraviolet-Ray Aided Machining
        by Takeshi Tanaka    --461
  • Friction Force Analysis on Diaomond Lapping of Sapphire Wafers
        by Chao Chang A. Chen, Ching Hsiang Tseng, Wei Kang Tu   --461
  • Study on Impinging Stream Flow Channel in Abrasive Flow Polishing Complex Cavity of Precision Mold
        by Di Feng Zhou, Dong Yu Liu   --469
  • Proposal of Finishing Method of MLA Mold Applied Sphere Indentation
        by Yasunori Kobayashi, Ryo Ishida, Haruhisa Sakamoto   --475 View first page

    Chapter 10: Glass Molding and Related Topics

  • Experiment on Glass Microgroove Molding by Using Polycrystalline Nickel Phosphorus Mold
        by Tian Feng Zhou, Zhi Qiang Liang, Xi Bin Wang, Tunemoto Kuriyagawa    --483 View first page

    Chapter 11: Grinding Wheel and Abrasive Grain Technologies

  • Experimental Study on a New Combination Processing Technology of Polycrystalline Diamond
        by Z.M. Cui, Y.G. Han, J.P. Kong, Q.Q. Chen    --491 View first page
  • CVD Micron Diamond Powders
        by T. Zhang, F.H. Sun, Bin Shen, Z.M. Zhang    --495 View first page
  • Study on Radial Deformation of CBN Grinding Wheel Considering Centrifugal Force and Grinding Heat
        by Xue Zhi Wang, Wan Shan Wang, Tian Biao Yu, Na Yuan, Xue Sun    --500 View first page
  • Progress of Researches on the Surface Topography Detection Techniques for Grinding Wheel
        by Wei Liu, Zhao Hui Deng, Lin Lin Wan, Qiao Ping Wu, Hao Tang    --505 View first page
  • Creep Feed Grinding of Ni-Based Superalloy with Micro-Crystalline Ceramic Alumina Wheels
        by Zheng Cai Zhao, Jiu Hua Xu, Yu Can Fu, Zhi Wei Zhang    --511 View first page
  • Grinding Characteristics of Porous Composite-Bonded CBN Wheels
        by Zhen Zhen Chen, Jiu Hua Xu, Wen Feng Ding, Chang Yu Ma    --516 View first page
  • Effect of Contact Stiffness of Grinding Wheel on Ground Surface Roughness and Residual Stock Removal of Workpiece
        by Taisei Yamada, Hwa Soo Lee, Kohichi Miura    --522 View first page
  • Analysis on Wear of Self-Sharpening Fine Super-Hard Abrasive Tool
        by Zhao Zhong Zhou, Kai Ping Feng, Bing Hai Lv, Hong Wei Fan, Ju Long Yuan    --528 View first page
  • Heat Pipe Grinding Wheel in Grinding Titanium Alloy Ti-6Al-4V
        by Qing Shan He, Yu Can Fu, Jia Jia Chen, Wei Zhang    --534 View first page

    Chapter 12: In-Process Measurement and Monitoring, Metrology

  • Development of CMM Auxiliary Equipment for Tiny Hole Measuring
        by Feng Chen, Zhi Gang Bing, Shang Hui Li, Li Cheng, Zhi Quan Zhang, Jia Chen, Yi Yang    --543
  • A Thin Silicon Wafer Thickness Measurement System by Optical Reflectmetry Scheme Using Fourier Transform Near-Infrared Spectrometer
        by Teppei Onuki, Ryusuke Ono, Akira Suzuki, Hirotaka Ojima, Jun Shimizu, Li Bo Zhou    --549
  • Review on Multi-Point Method for Roundness Error Separation
        by Fen Fen Zhou, Hui Zong Lu, Ju Long, Yuan, Fan Li    --555
  • Development of a Measuring Equipment for Silicon Wafer Warp
        by Hai Jun Liu, Ren Ke Kang, Shang, Gao, Ping Zhou, Yu Tong, Dong Ming Guo    --561

    Chapter 13: Machine Tools and Syustems, Tooling Processing

  • Research on Iso-Scallop Method for NC Grinding of the Special Rotating Workpiece
        by Li Jun Li, Wei Sun, Tao Zhang, Hai Jiang Dong, Wei Tao Bai    --569
  • Mathematical Modeling and Parametric Design of Taper End Mills
        by Li Lun He, Xi Bin Wang, Zhi Bing, Liu, Ming Chen, Zong Wei Xu    --574
  • Adaptability Comprehensive Evaluation of Auto Assembly Machine Product Platform for Small Shaft and Sleeve Subassemblies
        by Zhi Feng Deng, Zi Qiang Zhang, Run Dian Li, Hong Hui Xu    --579
  • Development of Electronic Impact Hammer and its Application to Face Milling Cutter Modal Analysis
        by Lu Ning Liu, Yang Guang Zhang, Zhen Yu Shi, Zhan Qiang Liu    --585
  • Research on Hole-Making Tools for CFRP
        by Hong Zhou Zhang, Ying Ying Wei, Yi Chu Yuan, Hong Yu Jiang    --592
  • Experimental Investigation on Grinding Performance of Microcrystalline Alumina Abrasive Grinding Wheel for superalloys
        by Zhi Gang Dong, Xi Wen Zhao, Xiang Long Zhu, Ren Ke Kang, Bing Jun Hao    --597 View first page
  • Study on the Restraint Method of Thermal Deformation in the Machine Tools
        by Kyosuke Umezu, Kazuhito Ohashi, Shinya Tsukamoto    --603 View first page
  • Grinding System Reducing the Influence of Thermal Deformation of Workpiece in Cylindrical Grinding
        by Takashi Onishi, Moriaki Sakakura, Naoki Sato, Takuya Kodani, Kazuhito Ohashi, Shinya Tsukamoto    --609 View first page

    Chapter 14: Micro/Nano-Machining

  • Experiment Research on Grinding Temperature of Micro-Grinding H62
        by Ya Dong Gong, Xue Long Wen, Guo Qiang Yin, Chao Wang, Jun Cheng, Bao Peng Li    --615 View first page
  • Finite Element Simulation of Minimum Uncut Chip Thickness in Micro Mill-Grinding Ti6Al4V Based on Single-Edge Single-Grit Model
        by Ya Dong Gong, Chao Wang, Guo Qiang Yin, Hao Xu, Xue Long Wen    --622
  • The Dynamic Analysis of Micro-Scale Edge in the Process of Micromilling
        by Ya Dong Gong, Jin Feng, Zhang, Jun Cheng, Xue Long Wen, Chao Wang, Guo Qiang Yin    --628
  • Fabrication of Surface Microtexture by Vibration Assisted Cutting
        by Jun Shimizu, Takeyuki Yamamoto, Li Bo Zhou, Hirotaka Ojima, Teppei Onuki, Shun Ichi Nagaoka    --638 View first page
  • Bending of Drill and Radial Forces in Micro Drilling
        by Osamu Horiuchi, Masami Masuda, Takayuki Shibata    --642
  • An Approach to Improve Machined Surface Finish in Micro Milling
        by Yunn Shiuan Liao, Chun Lin Huang    --649

    Chapter 15: Surface Integrity and Materials Characterization

  • Experimental Research on Surface Residual Stress of Quenched GCr15 Steel in Ultrasonic Aided Turning
        by Feng Jiao, Xiang Liu, Chong Yang Zhao, Xiong Zhang    --657
  • Effect of Low-Frequency Pulsed Magnetic Treatment on Micro-Hardness of High Speed Steel
        by Li Ping Ma, Zhi Qiang Liang, Xi Bin Wang, Wen Xiang Zhao, Tian Feng Zhou, Hong Min Yao    --663
  • Indentation Crack Initiation and Ductile to Brittle Transition Behavior of Fused Silica
        by Peng Yao, Wang Wei, Chuan Zhen Huang, Jun Wang, Hong Tao Zhu, Tunemoto Kuriyagawa    --667 View first page
  • Research on Subsurface Damage Layer Detection during Substrate Processing
        by Hai Zhou, Xiao Ming Xu, Xiang Gao, Huan Feng    --673
  • Surface Integrity - an Inherent Load Sensor
        by Berend Denkena, Jens Köhler, Bernd Breidenstein, T. Mörke    --679
  • Surface Layer Damage of Silicon Wafers Sliced by Wire Saw Process
        by Ren Ke Kang, Yan Fen Zeng, Shang Gao, Zhi Gang Dong, Dong Ming Guo    --685
  • Study on the Subsurface Damages of Glass Fiber Reinforced Composites
        by F.J. Ma, Xiang Long Zhu, Ren Ke Kang, Zhi Gang Dong, S. Q. Zou    --691 View first page
  • A Modified Surface on Titanium Alloy by Micro-Blasting Process
        by Yi Lin, Chiung Fang Huang, Hsin Chung Cheng, Yung Kang Shen    --696 View first page
  • Crack Filling of Cover Glasses by Sol-Gel Coatings
        by Kung Jeng Ma, Hsi Hsin Chien, Su Wei Huang, Shi Chang Chen, Choung Lii Chao    --700
  • A Study of Mechanical Properties and Material Removal of Polycrystalline Tungsten via Nanoindentation and Nanoscratch
        by Cheng Wei Kang, Han Huang    --706

    Chapter 16: Tribology in Manufacturing

  • Friction Evolution in Running-In of Sliding Wear of Cast Iron Processed in Gleeble
        by Qi Zhang, Zheng Yi, Jiang, Dong Bin Wei, Guo Liang Xie, Jing Tao Han    --713
  • Frictional and Wear Behavior of Micro-Crystalline and Nano-Crystalline Diamond Films
        by Xin Chang, Wang, Su Lin Chen, Bin Shen, Fang Hong Sun    --719
  • Dry Sliding Wear of As-Cast and Thermomechanically Processed Low Chromium White Cast Iron
        by Xing Jian Gao, Qi Zhang, Dong Bin Wei, Si Hai Jiao, Zheng Yi Jiang    --725 View first page

    Chapter 17: Truing, Dressing and ELID

  • Study of Grinding Force for Internal Cylinder of Ultrasonic ELID Composite Grinding
        by Bo Zhao, Ya Min Li, Ping Yan Bian    --733
  • Research on ELID Grinding Performance of GCr15 Steel
        by Jia Liang Guan, Xin Qiang Ma, Xiao Hui, Zhang, Li Li Zhu, Zhi Wei Wang    --740
  • Experimental Study on Dry Electrical Contact Discharge (ECD) Dressing Parameters of Coarse Diamond Grinding Wheel
        by Y.J. Lu, Jin Xie, K.K. Wu, J. Cheng, L.Z. Cheng    --746
  • Visualization of 3D Topography of Grinding Wheel Surface Dressed by Rotary Diamond Dresser
        by Akihiko Kubo, M.A.K. Chowdhury, Shoma Noda, Junichi Tamaki, A.M.M. Sharif Ullah    --751
    View first page

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