ISAAT 2013 Cover Advances in Abrasive Technology XVI
Julong Yuan, Ming Chen, Jun Wang, Libo Zhou, and Binghai Lv Editors
Selected, peer reviewed papers from ISAAT 2013
776 pages
(ISBN: 13-978-3-03785-825-7)
Advances in Materials Research Vol 797
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The release of technical papers from the joint meeting of the International Symposium on Advances in Abrasive Technology and the Chinese Conference of Abrasive Technology offers insite into the latest research in Pacific Rim countries. The collection of 121 papers shows a robust effort to address new and continuing problems encountered by industry. The research reflects some clear trends in an expanding manufacturing sectors where grinding, finishing and polishing are new (China) or part of a long tradition (Japan).

While abrasives technology is more than a century old, advances continually evolve to meet the changing needs. This new volume contains over 120 papers each with an image of the first page that includes bibliographic information, key words, and abstract as well as some background information. The complete volume or individual papers are available through the Abrasive Engineering Society. Follow the above link for complete table of contents, copies of pages, and online ordering information.

Also find commentary on the book contents in AES Book Notes which can be download for convenient viewing.