ISAAT 2014 Cover Advances in Abrasive Technology XVII
Akinori Yui, Jiwang Yan and Hideki Ayama Editors
Selected, peer reviewed papers from ISAAT 2014
841 pages
(ISBN: 13-978-3-03835-221-1)
Advances in Materials Research Vol. 1017
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This volume contains peer-reviewed technical papers from the 17th International Symposium on Advances in Abrasive Technology (ISAAT 2014) held September 22-25, 2014 in Hawaii, USA.
As a continually evolving technology dating back to the 1880s, abrasives are an essential tool to meet the changing needs of modern industy. New levels of precision, new materials, and applications demand new and improved methods and tools reviewed in this volume. The forum offered by the ISAAT meeting is designed to exchange scienfic theories,technologies, methods and equipment in the field of abrasive processing for the mutual benefits of creaters and users of abrasive products. The papers clearly demonstrate the range of scientific disciples that are needed to understand how abrasives work.

Introductory comments from the authors can be viewed in the Preface pages

Chapter 1: Abrasive Machining

  • On the Profile and Microstructure Variations of Grinding-Induced Hardening Layer in A Cylindrical Workpiece
    by Mei Liu, Thai Nguyen, Liang Chi Zhang, Qiong Wu, Da Le Sun ...3    View first page

  • Study on Grinding Force Distribution on Cup Type Electroplated Diamond Wheel in Face Grinding of Cemented Carbide
    by T. Fujiwara, Shinya Tsukamoto, Kazuhito Ohashi, Takashi Onishi ...9    View first page

  • Investigations on Belt Grinding of GH4169 Nickel-Based Superalloy
    by Gui Jian Xiao, Yun Huang, Gui Lin Chen, Zhi Wu Liu, Xiu Mei Liu ...15    View first page

  • Basic Study on High Efficiency Ultra-Precision Grinding of the Optical Glass Lens
    by Rei Sekiguchi, Shun Yoshikawa, Yasuhiro Kakinuma, Katsutoshi Tanaka, Masahiko Fukuta ...21    View first page

  • Studies on Grinding Conditions Affecting the Quality of Soft Magnetic Powder Cores
    by Tomoyuki Ueno, Terukazu Tokuoka, Takao Nishioka, Kazuhito Ohashi, Shinya Tsukamoto ...27    View first page

  • Effect of Coolant Supplied through Grinding Wheel on Residual Stress of Grinding Surface
    by Nagatoshi Nakatsuka, Yudai Hirai, Atsushi Kusakabe, Yasuhiro Yao, Hiroyuki Sasahara ...33    View first page

  • Multi-Hole Drilling Method: Abrasive Blasting for CFRP and Composite Materials: Investigation of a Processing Model Based on Abrasive Erosion Phenomenon
    by Hitoshi Fukagawa, Toshiki Hirogaki, Ikuko Yamada, Atsushi Kato, Keisuke Shimizu, Kousuke Nishikawa ...38    View first page

  • A Controllable Material Removal Strategy Considering Force-Geometry Model in Marine Propeller Five-Axis Belt Grinding
    by Yong Qing Wang, B. Hou, Q. Ma, H.B. Liu, Xian Jun Sheng ...44    View first page

  • Form Accuracy of Internal Grinding of Small and Deep Holes with Coolant Supplied from Inner Side of Grinding Wheel
    by Kosaku Matsubara, Jun Tsuchimura, Shota Kawazoe, Hiroyuki Sasahara ...50    View first page

  • An Experimental Study on Grinding Fir-Tree Root Forms Using Vitrified CBN Wheels
    by Zhong De Shi, Amr Elfizy, Helmi Attia ...55    View first page

  • Deformation and Removal Characteristics of Multilayered Thin Film Structures in Nanoscratching and Diamond Lapping
    by Cheng Wei Kang, Han Huang ...61    View first page

  • Influence of Work Speed on Surface Quality with Rapid Rotation Mirror-Like Surface Grinding
    by Keishi Yamaguchi, Ryo Yamazaki, Chuan Hai Yu, Minoru Ota, Kai Egashira, Yasunori Akita, Shoji Suzuki ...66    View first page

  • Estimation of Grinding Cycle Time Taking into Account Specific Grinding Force
    by Takazo Yamada, Hwa Soo Lee, Kohichi Miura ...72    View first page

  • Study on the Shape Error in the Cylindrical Traverse Grinding of a Workpiece with High Aspect Ratio
    by Takashi Onishi, Takuya Kodani, Kazuhito Ohashi, Moriaki Sakakura, Shinya Tsukamoto ...78    View first page

  • Research on Material Removal Mechanism of Single Grit Cutting Based on FEM Simulation
    by Lan Yan, Feng Jiang, Cong Fu Fang ...82    View first page

  • A Preliminary Study of Surface Integrity and Wheel Wear in the Grinding of Multilayered Thin Film Structures
    by Cheng Wei Kang, Bing Jun Hao, Han Huang ...88    View first page

  • Experiment Research on ZrO2 Engineering Ceramics with Abrasive Belt Grinding
    by Die Zhang, Yun Huang, Xian Yin, Li Qi Zhou, Yu Hang Yang, Lu Yong ...92    View first page

  • Research on Grinding of Silicon Particles Reinforced Aluminum Matrix Composites with High Volume Fraction
    by Fei Hu Zhang, Kai Wang, Peng Qiang Fu, Meng Nan Wu ...98    View first page

  • Investigation of Grinding Characteristics of Cemented Carbides YL10.2 and YF06
    by Tao Xu, Jian Wu Yu, Zhong Jian Zhang, Jian Gang Tu, Xiang Zhong Liu, Yao Wu, Li Hua He ...104    View first page

  • Optimization of Grinding Conditions in Non-Axisymmetric Aspherical Grinding
    by Nobuhito Yoshihara, Tomoharu Nakagawa, Naohiro Nishikawa, Masahiro Mizuno ...109    View first page

  • Study on the Grinding Machinability of 9Mn2V under Different Heat Treatment Processes
    by Guo Qiang Guo, Ying Juan Mu, Chang Qi Yang, Zhong Quan Li, Ying Tian, Ming Chen ...114    View first page

    Chapter 2: Surface Quality

  • Study on Force Characteristics of Ultrasonic Vibration-Assisted Sawing Ceramics with Diamond Blade
    by Xin Xiang, Jian Yun Shen, Zhong Wei Hu, Xi Peng Xu ...120     View first page

  • Investigation of Glass Polishing Motion Based on Micro-Oscillating Pressing Force with a Compact Robot and Fine Diamond Stone
    by Wei Wu, Yu Dong Liu, Toshiki Hirogaki, Eiichi Aoyama ...129    View first page

  • Development of Non-Destructive Inspection System for Grinding Burn-in-Process Detection of Grinding Burn
    by Ryo Ito, Naomasa Mukaide, Takayuki Azuma, Shinji Soma, Shinji Murakami, Tunemoto Kuriyagawa ...135    View first page

  • Feature Extraction Based 3D Model Registration for Surface Finish Quality Evaluation
    by Nitin Sharma, Jiang Zhu, Tomohisa Tanaka, Yoshio Saito ...141    View first page

  • Dry Sliding Wear Behaviour of Full Pearlite Obtained by Cladding Low Carbon Steel to Hypoeutectoid Steel
    by Xing Jian Gao, Zheng Yi Jiang, Dong Bin Wei, Bu Yung Kosasih, Si Hai Jiao, Deng Fu Chen ...147    View first page

  • Material Properties of a New PCD Made of Boron Doped Diamond Particles
    by William Chen, Manabu Iwai, Shinichi Ninomiya, Kiyoshi Suzuki ...154    View first page

  • Dynamic Friction Polishing of Diamond Utilizing High Reactive Metallic Tools
    by William Chen, Manabu Iwai, Kiyoshi Suzuki ...160    View first page

  • Evaluation and ANN-Based Prediction on Functional Parameters of Surface Roughness in Precision Grinding of Cast Iron
    by Bin Zhao, Song Zhang, Jian Feng Li ...166    View first page

    Chapter 3: Brittle Material Machining

  • An Experimental Study on Single Point Diamond Turning of an Unpolished Silicon Wafer via Micro-Laser Assisted Machining
    by Hossein Mohammadi, H. Bogac Poyraz, Deepak Ravindra, John A. Patten ...175    View first page

  • Effect of Cutting Fluid on Diamond Tool Life under Micro V-Groove Turning of Cobalt-Free Tungsten Carbide
    by Akinori Yui, Takayuki Kitajima, Peter Krajnik, Katsuko Harano, Hitoshi Sumiya, Hajime Ono ...181    View first page

  • A Three-Dimensional Fractal Analysis Method for Ground Monocrystal Sapphire Surface
    by Qiu Yan Wang, Zhi Qiang Liang, Xi Bin Wang, Wen Xiang Zhao, Yong Bo Wu, Li Jiao, Li Jing Xie ...187    View first page

  • Microgrooving of Germanium Wafers Using Laser and Hybrid Laser-Waterjet Technologies
    by Hao Zhu, Jun Wang, Wei Yi Li, Huai Zhong Li ...193    View first page

  • An SPH Simulation on Vibration Assisted Abrasive Erosion of Hard Brittle Material in Abrasive Waterjet Machining
    by Zhe Lv, Chuan Zhen Huang, Hong Tao Zhu, Jun Wang, Peng Yao, Zeng Wen Liu ...199    View first page

  • Machining Characteristics in Cylindrical Blasting of Micro Grooves and Performance of Herring-Bone Bearing
    by Taketo Fukushima, Kazuhito Ohashi, Masahiro Fujihara, Takashi Onishi, Shinya Tsukamoto ...205    View first page

  • Study on the Model of Surface Crack Depth in Ceramics Grinding
    by Jang Kwang Su, Bin Lin, Lei Wang ...212    View first page

  • Radial Directional Vibration-Assisted Ductile-Mode Grinding of Engineering Ceramic
    by Kenichiro Imai ...218    View first page

  • Blind Hole Machining of Quartz Fiber Reinforced Ceramic Matrix Composites by Helical Milling with Electroplated Diamond Tool
    by Hang Gao, T. Zhao, Yong Jie Bao, C. Sun, S.X. Lu ...222    View first page

  • A Study on Erosion of Alumina Wafer in Abrasive Water Jet Machining
    by Yong Wang, Hong Tao Zhu, Chuan Zhen Huang, Jun Wang, Peng Yao, Zhong Wei Zhang ...228    View first page

    Chapter 4: Grindng Wheel

  • Optimizing the Dry Grinding Process on the Basis of Bond Materials
    by Heike Kitzig, Nima Jandaghi, Bahman Azarhoushang, Alireza Vesali ...237    View first page

  • High Efficiency Abrasive Waterjet Dressing of Diamond Grinding Wheel
    by Peng Yao, Wang Wei, Chuan Zhen Huang, Jun Wang, Hong Tao Zhu, Zhi Yu Zhang ...243    View first page

  • An Explorative Study of Fabrication of Al-Based Matrix Diamond Grinding Wheels by Vacuum Evaporative Pattern Casting
    by Qiu Lian Dai, Fang Yi You, Can Bin Luo ...249    View first page

  • Wafer Grinding of Using Fixed Abrasive Diamond Wheel - Evaluation of Cutting Edge Distribution in Diamond Wheels
    by Yutaro Ebina, Li Bo Zhou, Jun Shimizu, Teppei Onuki, Hirotaka Ojima ...255    View first page

  • Wear of Diamond Wheel in Groove Grinding of Cemented Carbide - Influences of Speed Ratio and Nitrogen Gas Dissolved Coolant
    by Osamu Horiuchi, Takashi Samura, Takeshi Uno, Takeshi Itazu, Norihito Ito, Takayuki Shibata, Masami Masuda ...261    View first page

  • Evaluation of Grinding Performance by Mechanical Properties of Super Abrasive Wheel - Relationship between Modulus of Rupture and Critical Grain Holding Power (2nd Report)
    by Takekazu Sawa, Naohiro Nishikawa, Yasushi Ikuse ...267    View first page

  • Investigation on Properties of Magnesia Grinding Wheels Used in Silicon Wafer Grinding
    by Bing Jun Hao, Zhi Gang Dong, Shang Gao, Ren Ke Kang, Dong Ming Guo ...273    View first page

    Chapter 5: High Efficiency Machining

  • Research on 3D Model Processing Technologies in the Application of Freeform Surface Machining
    by Jiang Zhu, Tomohisa Tanaka, Yoshio Saito ...281    View first page

  • Stress Influence on Corrosion Resistance of Aluminum Alloy Surface
    by Yi Wan, Zhen Wang, Zhan Qiang Liu, Zhao Liang Jiang, Dong Zhang ...287    View first page

  • Distribution of the Convection Heat Transfer Coefficients of Grinding Fluids along the Contact Zone in High Speed Grinding
    by Tan Jin ...292    View first page

  • Performance of Strong Alkali Ion Water in Cutting and Grinding Applications
    by Manabu Iwai, Hideaki Hashimoto, Masahide Yamada, Haruhisa Yamada, Kiyoshi Suzuki ...298    View first page

  • Study of Grinding Wheel for Polishing Diamond by Dynamic Friction Polishing
    by Shuang Ji Shi, Jia Zhi Lin, Zhu Ji Jin, Xiao Guang Guo, Ping Zhou, Ren Ke Kang ...304    View first page

    Chapter 6: Cutting Technology

  • Influence of Tool Shape and Coating Type on Machined Surface Quality in Face Milling of CFRP
    by Tatsuya Furuki, Toshiki Hirogaki, Eiichi Aoyama, Hiroyuki Kodama, Keiji Ogawa ...310    View first page

  • Machining of Sintered Tungsten Carbide for Die and Mold
    by Toshimichi Moriwaki, Seiji Tsurimoto, Kozo Osakada, Masafumi Nagata ...319    View first page

  • Laboratory Comparison of SMART*CUT Picks With WC Picks
    by W. Shao, Xing Sheng Li, Yong Sun, Han Huang ...323    View first page

  • Essential Research in Machining Difficult-to-Machine Materials for Advancing MQL Cutting Technology with a Newly Developed Coated Tool
    by Syunki Shimada, Masao Kohzaki ...329    View first page

  • Experimental Verification of End-Milling Condition Decision Support System Using Data-Mining for Difficult-to-Cut Materials
    by Hiroyuki Kodama, Toshiki Hirogaki, Eiichi Aoyama, Keiji Ogawa, Koichi Okuda ...334    View first page

  • High Speed Machining Method of Large-Size Precision Freeform Mirror
    by Okiharu Kirino, Hiroyuki Nakagawa, Shigeru Kirino, Hirokazu Kataza ...340    View first page

  • A Study on Straightness of Deep Hole in Small-Diameter Drilling of Stainless Steel
    by Koichi Okuda, Toshiya Yamaguchi, Taizo Yamamoto, Tsubasa Takeda, Hiroo Shizuka ...344    View first page

  • Development of Axially Splitting Method for the Pipe Materials with the Cutting Tool
    by Eitoku Nakanishi, Masayuki Hyono, Seijiro Maki ...350    View first page

  • Small Hole Drilling for Polyphenylene Sulfide (PPS) - Influence of Depth-of-Cut on Burr Formation
    by M. Nomura, Kouta Suzuki, Yong Bo Wu, Masakazu Fujimoto ...355    View first page

  • Investigation Performance of AlCrN_Based Coated Broaching Tool in Broaching of Gas Turbine Material X12CrMoWVNbN1011
    by Zhi Qiang Liu, Ming Chen, Cheng Dong Wang, Qing Long An, Chun Xin Ge, Guo Qiang Guo ...361    View first page

  • Study on Surface Finish of Carbon Steel by Ultra-Precision Diamond Cutting
    by Yoshiki Kamoi, Koichi Okuda, Hiroo Shizuka, Masayuki Nunobiki ...367    View first page

  • A Study of Ultrasonically Added High Speed Turning for Stainless Steel - The Effects of Ultrasonic Oscillating Direction and Chip Breaker Shape and Material
    by Keisuke Hara, Ryo Sasaki, Toshihiko Koiwa, Hiromi Isobe ...373    View first page

  • Investigation of the Surface-Modification Effect by Oil-Immersion Treatment on Carbide Tool
    by Hiroo Shizuka, Katsuhiko Sakai, Kazumasa Iwakura ...377    View first page

  • Face Milling of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic Using Poly Crystalline Diamond Tool
    by Jumpei Kusuyama, Akinori Yui, Takayuki Kitajima, Yosuke Itoh ...383    View first page

  • Cutting Performance of Binder-Less Nano-Polycrystalline cBN Tool
    by Katsuko Harano, Keiko Arimoto, Yuh Ishida, Hitoshi Sumiya ...389    View first page

  • An Innovative Cooling Method for Grinding Process Based on Heat Pipe Technology
    by Jia Jia Chen, Yu Can Fu, Qing Shan He, Wei Zhang, Yan Bin Zhu ...393    View first page

  • Simulations of Milling Process of Inconel 718 Alloy Based on Three Dimensional Finite Element Models
    by Lin Jiang He, Hong Hua Su, Jiu Hua Xu, Jia Bao Fu ...399    View first page

  • Wear Characteristics of Binder-Less Nano-Polycrystalline Diamond and Cubic Boron Nitride
    by Hitoshi Sumiya, Katsuko Harano ...406    View first page

  • Development of PCD Milling Tool for Carbon-Fiber-Reinforced Plastics
    by Takayuki Kitajima, Jumpei Kusuyama, Akinori Yui, Katsuji Fujii, Yosuke Itoh ...411    View first page

    Chapter 7: Tribology in Manufacturing

  • Friction Characteristics with Pin-on-Disc Friction Test on Microstructured Surface Using Whirling Electrical Discharge Texturing
    by Vitchuda Lertphokanont, Takayuki Sato, Masahiro Oi, Minoru Ota, Keishi Yamaguchi, Kai Egashira ...417    View first page

  • Tribo-Electrochemical Performance of Polycrystalline Silicon during ECMP Simulating Process
    by Wen Jie Zhai, Jin Hu Wang ...423    View first page

  • Long-Duration Frictional and Wear Performance of the Diamond/DLC Bilayered Film under Water-Lubricating Condition
    by Su Lin Chen, Bin Shen, Fang Hong Sun ...429    View first page

  • Tribological Analysis of Oxide Scales during Cooling Process of Rolled Microalloyed Steel
    by Zheng Yi Jiang, Xiang Long Yu, Jing Wei Zhao, Cun Long Zhou, Qing Xue Huang, Guang Zheng Luo, Ke Zhi Linghu ...435    View first page

  • Study on Identification of Contact Stiffness Considering Surface Roughness
    by Kyoko Nakamura, Haruhisa Sakamoto ...441    View first page

  • Study on the Tribological Property of Bionic Lead Rail Using ABAQUS
    by Lian Jie Ma, Li Chen Gu, Yong Zhen Luo, Feng Wen Wang, Xiao Hui Chen ...447    View first page

  • A Wear Simulation of the Fixed Soft Abrasive Film Based on Discrete Element Method
    by Zhao Zhong Zhou, Kai Ping Feng, Ju Long Yuan ...452    View first page

  • Investigation of Grinding Fluid Supply Parameters on Workpiece Surface Integrity
    by Shi Chao Xiu, Xiu Ming Zhang, Ang Jiang, Xiao Liang Shi, Shu Jun Li, Xiao Peng Li ...458    View first page

    Chapter 8: Micro/Nano Machining

  • Precision Machining of Parabolic Mirror Made of Low Thermal Expansion Ceramic
    by Mutsumi Okada, Akihiro Takagi, Hirofumi Suzuki, Jun Sugawara ...467    View first page

  • Synergistic and Strengthening Mechanism of Twin Boundaries under Nanoindentations for Cadmium Telluride Semiconductors
    by Hong Xiu Zhou, Neng Dong Duan, Bo Wang ...473    View first page

  • Removal of Ion Irradiation-Induced Affected Layers from Diamond Cutting Tools to Improve Machining Performance
    by Noritaka Kawasegi, Kazuma Ozaki, Noboru Morita, Kazuhito Nishimura, Hideki Sasaoka ...479    View first page

  • Fabrication of Shapes with Overhang Using Micro-Boring Tools
    by Kai Egashira, Kazuyuki Harada, Keishi Yamaguchi, Minoru Ota ...485    View first page

  • Ultraprecision Micro Grooving on Brass for Surface Wettability Control
    by Kazuma Asakura, Ji Wang Yan ...489    View first page

  • Influence of Processing Parameters on Surface Roughness in Micro Mill-Grinding Aluminium Alloy 6061
    by Ya Dong Gong, Chao Wang, Jun Cheng, Xue Long Wen, Guo Qiang Yin ...495    View first page

    Chapter 9:Finishing/Lapping/Polishing

  • Experiment Research on Surface Roughness in Micro-Grinding Metal Material
    by Ya Dong Gong, Xue Long Wen, Zhong Xiao Zhu, Jun Cheng, Guo Qiang Yin, Chao Wang ...500    View first page

  • Preliminary Study on Highly Efficient Polishing of 4H-SiC by Utilization of Anodic Oxidation
    by Kazuya Yamamura, Kenji Hosoya, Yusuke Imanishi, Hui Deng, Katsuyoshi Endo ...509    View first page

  • Development of an Advanced Machine Control System in Superfinishing the Automatic Determination of the Suitable Machining Time
    by Takashi Onishi, Kazuhito Ohashi, Kohei Higashi, Takahiro Iguchi, Shingo Yamashita, Hajime Isa, Shinya Tsukamoto ...515    View first page

  • Study on Fixed-Abrasive Lapping SiC Crystal Substrate Based on Diamond Particle
    by Jian Xiu Su, Xue Ming Zhang, Su Fang Fu, Song Zhan Fan, Zhen Ling Liu ...520    View first page

  • Precision Shaping Experiment of Ceramic Ball Blank with Oscillating-Plate Lapping Method
    by Bing Hai Lyu, Chen Chen Dong, Fen Fen Zhou, Qian Fa Deng, Ju Long Yuan, Ping Zhao ...526    View first page

  • Advanced Abrasive Processes for Manufacturing Prototype Mirror Segments for the World’s Largest Telescope
    by David Walker, Gary Davies, Tony Fox-Leonard, Caroline Gray, John Mitchell, Paul Rees, Hsing Yu Wu, Andy Volkov, Guo Yu Yu ...532    View first page

  • Effect of Cyclic Heating on the Hardened Layer Properties Generated by Plunge Cylindrical Grinding
    by Thai Nguyen, Mei Liu, Liang Chi Zhang, Qiong Wu, Da Le Sun ...539    View first page

  • Grinding Performance of Diamond Grinding Tools for Sapphire Crystal
    by Yu Zhang, Shang Gao, Ren Ke Kang, Xiao Guang Guo, Zhi Fu Lin ...544    View first page

  • Characterization of Cutting Ability of Electroplated Diamond Wire Used for Multi-Wire Saw
    by Hyoung Jae Kim, Do Yeon Kim, Sang Jik Lee, Hae Do Jeong, Hon Jong Choi ...549    View first page

  • Micro-Cracks Removal on Edge Surface of Thin Glass Sheet Using Magnetorheological Finishing
    by Takashi Sato, Chun Wai Kum, Seow Tong Ng ...553    View first page

  • Study on the Flow Pressure of Mass in Centrifugal Disc Finishing
    by Yuji Matsumoto, Tomomi Yamaguchi, Koichi Kitajima, Akihiro Yamamoto, Shinji Takahashi ...559    View first page

  • Research on Performance of Fixed Abrasive Tools of Polishing 6H-SiC Wafers
    by Jing Lu, G.Q. Hu, G.Q. Huang, C.F. Fang, X.P. Xu ...565    View first page

    Chapter 10: System Development

  • Conditioning of Vitrified Bond CBN Grinding Wheels Using a Picosecond Laser
    by Ali Zahedi, Taghi Tawakoli, Javad Akbari, Bahman Azarhoushang ...573    View first page

  • Design of Double-Sided Polishing Machine for Functional Crystal Substrate
    by Jin Shuang Yang, Xiang Long Zhu, Zhi Gang Dong, Ren Ke Kang, Dong Ming Guo, Bi Zhang ...580    View first page

  • Development of Non-Contact Classifying Systems by Use of Acoustic Levitation
    by Tomohiro Inada, Li Bo Zhou, Jun Shimizu, Hirotaka Ojima, Takuya Ito ...586    View first page

  • Computer-Aided Simulation of Dressing Using Diamond Rotary Dresser and Visualization of Dressing Process
    by Akihiko Kubo, A.M.M. Sharif Ullah, Jun’ichi Tamaki ...592    View first page

  • Simulation of Chip Formation Behavior during Single Diamond Grains Grinding CEL Method
    by Chen Wei Dai, Jiu Hua Xu, Wen Feng Ding, Jian Bo Dai, Yu Can Fu ...598    View first page

  • Development of Rotary Work Table with Constant-Flow Hydrostatic Water Bearing for Large Scale Silicon-Wafer Grinding Machine
    by Go Okahata, Akinori Yui, Takayuki Kitajima, Shigeki Okuyama, Hirotsugu Saito, Alexander Henry Slocum ...604    View first page

    Chapter 11: Monitoring and Analysis

  • Development of a Fine Grating on ZnS for a Wideband Spectral Disperser in Characterizing Exoplanets Using Space-Borne Telescopes
    by Keigo Enya, Takashi Sukegawa, Shigeru Sugiyama, Fumihiro Iijima, Naofumi Fujishiro, Yuji Ikeda, Tomohiro Yoshikawa, Michihiro Takami ...610    View first page

  • Sensorless Cutting Force Estimation in Ball-Screw-Driven System Using Triple-Inertia Model
    by Yuki Yamada, Yasuhiro Kakinuma, Takamichi Ito, Jun Fujita, Makoto Sawazaki, Makoto Sagara ...619    View first page

  • Monitoring of End-Mill Temperature with Infrared Thermography and Wireless Tool Holder System
    by Masatoshi Shindou, Ryo Matsuda, Tatsuya Furuki, Toshiki Hirogaki, Eiichi Aoyama ...624    View first page

  • Experimental Study on the Cutting Performance of In Situ Fabricated TiB2 Toughened TiN-Based Composite Ceramic Tool in Turning Stainless Steel
    by Han Lian Liu, Qiang Shi, Chuan Zhen Huang, Li Mei Wang, Bin Zou, Zhi Hong Yang ...630    View first page

  • Entire Hardening of Small Thin Plate with a Small Power Semiconductor Laser Considering Plate Deformation
    by Ryosuke Oda, Toshiki Hirogaki, Eiichi Aoyama, Keiji Ogawa ...636    View first page

  • Investigation of Step Micro-Drilling Motion Based on Modeling of High Speed Spindle Driving Axis on Machine Tools Equipped with Vibration-Proof Mechanism
    by Tatsuya Yamashita, Toshiki Hirogaki, Eiichi Aoyama, Ryousuke Shibata, Keiji Ogawa ...642    View first page

  • Study on a Novel Brazed Diamond Wire with CuSnTi Brazing Filler
    by Xian Hui Zhu, Hui Huang, Hua Guo, Yi Qing Yu, Xi Peng Xu ...648    View first page

  • A 5-Axis Coordinated CNC Grinding Method for the Flank of a Non-Coaxial Helical Micro-Drill with the Cylinder Grinding Wheel
    by Zhi Qiang Liang, Hong Chao Jian, Xi Bin Wang, Wen Xiang Zhao, Su Yan Zhang, Yusuke Otani, Si Yi Xue ...654    View first page

    Chapter 12: Metrology and Evaluation

  • Manufacturing Process Evolution Method of Neutron Ellipsoidal Mirror Simulation Using Measured Point-Set
    by Shinya Morita, Shin Takeda, Michihiro Furusaka, Jiang Guo, Yutaka Yamagata ...663    View first page

  • A Study on Fast Geometric Form Measurement of High Precision Balls
    by Hui Zong Lu, Zhi Wei Wang, Qian Fa Deng, Bing Hai Lv, Fen Fen Zhou, Ju Long Yuan ...669    View first page

  • Development and Practicality of a Scanning Point Autofocus Instrument for High Speed Areal Surface Texture Measurement
    by Katsuhiro Miura, Atsuko Nose, Hirofumi Suzuki, Mutsumi Okada ...675    View first page

  • Influence of Surface Integrity in Silicon Wafer Thickness Measurements by Reflection Spectroscopy
    by Teppei Onuki, Ryusuke Ono, Hirotaka Ojima, Jun Shimizu, Li Bo Zhou ...681    View first page

  • The Topographic Characterisation of Grinding Wheels – A Proposed Measurement Strategy
    by David Lee Butler ...686    View first page

  • Estimation of Machining Error in Ball-End Milling of Hemispherical Surface Based on Measured Cutting Force
    by Kenji Shimana, Eiji Kondo, Shunichi Yamashita, Yoshihiro Kawano, Norio Kawagoishi ...692    View first page

  • Monitoring of Wear Land Width of Diamond Tool Cutting Edge with Large Nose Radius in Ultra-Precision Cutting Using Static Cutting Forces
    by Eiji Kondo, Ryuichi Iwamoto, Yuya Kobaru ...696    View first page

    Chapter 13: Chemo-Mecahanical Polishing

  • Future Prospects for CMP Equipment - Design Considerations According to Substrate Size and Shape
    by Hae Do Jeong, Hyoung Jae Kim, Hon Jong Choi ...705    View first page

  • Measuring Surface Topography of a Diamond Wire Using an Image Processing Method
    by Akihiro Sakaguchi, Tomoyuki Kawashita, Shuji Matsuo ...709    View first page

  • Effect of Surface Profile on the Material Removal Rate Distribution in CMP Process
    by Ping Zhou, Ji Qing Cai, Zhi Wei Li, Ren Ke Kang, Zhu Ji Jin ...715    View first page

  • Chemical Mechanical Polishing of Soft-Brittle Cadmium Zinc Telluride Wafers Using a Developed Environment-Friendly Solution
    by Zhen Yu Zhang, Bo Wang, Ya Xing Song ...720    View first page

  • Effectiveness Evaluation of Novel Pad Dressing Method by Flexible Fiber Dresser - Tool Life Evaluation of Flexible Fiber Dresser
    by Michio Uneda, Naoki Takahashi, Yutaro Arai, Takashi Fujita ...726    View first page

    Chapter 14: Non-Traditional Machining

  • Numerical Investigations on the Grinding Forces in Ultrasonic Assisted Grinding of SiC Ceramics by Using SPH Method
    by Zhi Qiang Liang, Zhao Yang Mi, Xi Bin Wang, Tian Feng Zhou, Yong Bo Wu, Wen Xiang Zhao ...735    View first page

  • The Influence of Amplitude on Grinding Force and Surface Roughness in Ultrasonic Assisted Grinding of K9 Glass
    by Fei Fei Zheng, Fu Jian Ma, Yi Dan Wang, Zhi Gang Dong, Ren Ke Kang ...741    View first page

  • High-Speed Capturing of Stress Distribution of Workpiece under Ultrasonically Assisted Cutting Condition
    by Hiromi Isobe, Keisuke Hara ...747    View first page

  • Effect of Frequency and Amplitude on the Performance of Elliptic Vibration-Assisted Cutting of Fibre-Reinforced Polymer Composites
    by Wei Xing Xu, Liang Chi Zhang ...753    View first page

  • Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics Simulations for Ultrasonic Machining of Different Workpiece Materials
    by Jing Si Wang, Keita Shimada, Masayoshi Mizutani, Tunemoto Kuriyagawa ...758    View first page

  • Modeling and Simulation of Surface Topography Evolution in Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM)
    by Tian Feng Zhou, Li Zheng Ma, Zhi Qiang Liang, Xi Bin Wang ...764    View first page

  • Wire-EDM Properties of EC-PCD Made up of Boron Doped Diamond Particles
    by William Chen, Shinichi Ninomiya, Shunsuke Nochi, Manabu Iwai, Kiyoshi Suzuki ...770    View first page

  • Performance of EC-PCD Made of Boron Doped Diamond as an Electrode for EDM of Cemented Carbide
    by William Chen, Manabu Iwai, Shinichi Ninomiya, Kiyoshi Suzuki ...776    View first page

  • EDM Machinabilities of EC-PCD Using Ultrasonic Assisted EDM and Bipolar Pulse Current EDM
    by William Chen, Manabu Iwai, Kiyoshi Suzuki ...782    View first page

  • Curved Surfaces Forming of Sheet Material by Laser Irradiation
    by Keisuke Kishida, Hideki Aoyama, Naohisa Mastushita, Akihiko Ushimaru ...788    View first page

  • Production of Fe-Al Alloy Coat on Steel Block by Scanning Laser Beam
    by Masayuki Nunobiki, Yasunori Harada, Koichi Okuda ...794    View first page

  • Ultrasonic Vibration Assisted Grinding of Sintered Dental Zirconia Ceramics: An Experimental Study on Surface Roughness
    by Song Dong, Kan Zheng, Xing Zhi Xiao ...800    View first page

  • External Magnetic Field Control during EDM of a Permanent Magnet
    by Hideki Takezawa, Nobuhiro Yokote, Naotake Mohri ...806    View first page

  • Development of Ultrasonic Lapping Equipment for Small Holes Finishing
    by Jin Liang, Ren Ke Kang, Fu Jian Ma, Jin Ting Liu, Yue Bin Yu ...812    View first page

  • Experimental Investigation of Copper-Tungsten Electrode Wear in EDM
    by Jian Wu Yu, Li Hua He, Xiao Min Sheng, Wen Duan, Shao Hui Yin, Zhen Tao Shang ...818    View first page

  • Proposal of Micro Removal Process with Pulsed Laser Irradiation Based on Form Generation Theorem
    by Haruhisa Sakamoto, Koji Morioka ...825    View first page

    Complete papers are available in pdf format for $35 each. Use the online order form and be sure to include the first words in the title and page number in the comments box. Payment by Paypal is preferred if possible.

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