Advances in Grinding and Abrasive Processes

edited by Xipeng Xu
published by Trans Tech and available through the Abrasive Engineering Society
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This soft bound volume contains selected papers from the 12th Grinding and Machining Conference in China (GMC 2003) which has been held biennially since 1980 in various locations throughout China. Organized by the The Grinding Institute of the China Mechanical Engineering Society (CMES) and the Research Lab on Stone Machining at Huaqiao University, the conference gathered people from academica and industry to hear more than 250 presentations, each subject to peer review. The bound proceedings is divided into five parts: (1) Tooling Technology, (2)Process and Mechanism, (3) Novel Techniques, (4) Automation and(5) High Speed Machining. Topics include mechanics and control of grinding and abrasive processes, modeling and simulation of grinding and cutting processes, high speed machining, micro machining, measurement and surface quality assessment, cooling and coolants, polishing, wheel truing and dressing, novel abrasive techniques and novel machining methods. The contents of papers in this book should put to rest any idea that China is simply a resource of low cost labor.

1. A Study of the Electrolytic Conditioning of Resin-Metal Bond Fine Grit Diamond Wheels
2. Fabrication of Monolayer Brazed Diamond Tools with Optimum Grain Distribution
3. Study on New Manufacturing Process of Gear-Honing-Tool for Hardened Gear
4. Interface Bonding Between Ti-Coated CBN and Vitrified Bond
5. Study on Advanced Cutting Tools Fabricated from Coated Powders and Their Cutting Performance
6. Face Grinding of Granite with Brazed Diamond Grits
7. Investigation on the Preparation of Vitrified Bond CBN Grinding Tools
8. A Study on a Self-Toughening Silicon Nitride Ceramic Tool and Its Cutting Performance
9. Effect of Graphite Intercalation Compounds Prepared by Molten Salts Method on High-Pressure Synthetic B-Doped Diamond
10. Study on Diamond Bit for Hard and Compact Rock
11. Effect of Characteristics of the Grinding Wheel on Cemented Carbide Cutting Tool Sharpening
12. Influence of Surface Treatment of CBN Grits on the Properties of B-Si-Na Vitrified Abrasive Tools
13. The Fractal Distribution of SiO2 Particles and Its Effect on the Tensile Strength of Photosensitive Resin Dicing Blade
14. Influence of Dresser Setting and Assembling Errors on Shape Precision of Form Wheel
15. Chemical Vapour Deposition Diamond Coated Drawing Dies
16. Machining Performance of Monolayer Brazed Diamond Tools
17. Study on the Dispersion of Nanodiamond Aggregates
18. Research of Dressing Technology on Saucer Resin Bond Diamond Wheel
19. Development of Nanocrystalline Diamond Films and Their Performances
20. Precise and Quantitative Evaluation of the Adhesive Strength of Diamond Thin Films by Bulge/Blister Test
21. Research on Diamond Enhanced Rare-Earth and Iron-Rich Carbide Tungsten Composite Button and Its Bit
22. Simulation of the System Silicon Substrate-Thin CBN Film
23. Study of the Sawing Performance of Diamond Segments with Different Additives in Circular Sawing
24. Multiphase Tailoring and Design of an Advanced Ceramic Material
25. Research for Discontinuous Grinding Wheel with Multi-Porous Grooves
26. Technical Parameters and Wear Resistibility of Diamond Wire-Saw in Granite Cutting
27. New Type Self-Center and Flexible Honing and Polishing Tool
28. Design Theory and Experiment of the Step Face Milling Cutter Based on Free Cutting
29. An Algorithm for Dynamic Characteristics of High-Speed Machining Tool System with Rotating Symmetry
30. The Mechanical Performance of Diamond Saw Blades with Special Structure
31. Grinding of Granite with Three Kinds of Diamond Tools
32. Form and Distribution Characterization of Reaction Products at the Brazing Interface Between Ni-Cr Alloy and Diamond
33. Application and Optimum Design of Diamond Saw Blade with Composite Matrix
34. Research on Quantitative Relationship Between Property of Diamond Sawblade and Formula Parameters of Segment
35. Behavior Monitoring of Small-Diameter Milling-Cutter during High-Speed Milling
36. Thermal Models of High Efficiency Deep Grinding and Grinding Temperature
37. Determination of the Grinding Area and Allowance in the Radome Grinding
38. Molecular Dynamics Simulation for Nanohardness Experiments Based on Single Crystal Silicon Substrate
39. The Geometrical Analysis of End-Face Cylindrical Grinding Hot Roller with Cup-Type CBN Wheel
40. Study on the Wear Capability of Several Kinds of New-Style Glue Rolls
41. Study on Sphere Shaping Mechanism of Ceramic Ball for Lapping Process
42. Discontinuous Grinding of Polycrystalline Diamond with Slotted Diamond Wheels
43. A New Method for Suppressing the Grinding Chatter - Limited Random Feed Method
44. Study on Mechanism for Material Removal and Surface Generation by Molecular Dynamics Simulation in Abrasive Processes
45. Towards a Deep Understanding of Molecular Dynamics Simulation in Nanometric Machining
46. Study on Service Performance Evaluation of Grinding Coolants
47. Quantitative Study of Coated Diamond Sawing
48. Surface Quality Studies with Respect to Grinding Burn of New Typical Nickel-Based Superalloy
49. Research on Relationships Between Surface Fracture States and Surface Roughness Dispersion Range in Ultrasonic Grinding ZrO2
50. Surface Hardness after High Efficiency Deep Grinding for Hardened Steel
51. Application of Pitch Arc Moving Heat Source Model in Grinding Temperature Field of Disk Workpiece
52. Theoretical Analysis of Surface Grinding Temperature Field by Cup Wheel
53. Machinability Evaluation of Ce-ZrO2/CePO4 Ceramics
54. Processing Design in Machining Ball-End Cutter with a Parallel Grinding Machine
55. Electrolytic In-Process Dressing (ELID) and Super-Precision Grinding for the Ring Raceway of Ball Bearings
56. Critical Grinding Condition Model for Predicting Grinding Induced Lateral Cracks in Nanostructured Ceramic Coatings
57. Mechanism of Burr Formation in Milling
58. The Effect of Wheel Velocity and Shape on Rotating Airflow in Super-High-Speed Grinding
59. Study on On-Line Monitoring Method for Grinding Quality
60. Research on Ultrasonic Vibration Drill-Grinding Acoustic System of Micro-Hole
61. Research on Ultrasonic Honing Performance of ZrO2 Engineering Ceramics Using Diamond Oil-Stone with Coarse Grains
62. Study of Ultra-High Speed Grinding Mechanism with Molecular Dynamics Simulation
63. Study on Spherical Face Grinding of Gcr15-Bearing-Steel Spindle Pivot by CBN Wheels
64. Research on the Influence of the Diamond Wheel Wears on Machining Accuracy during Large Depth-to-Diameter Ratio Ultra-Precision Aspheric Grinding Process
65. Material Removal Mechanisms in Grinding Aeronautical Alloys, Part 1: Experiments and Results
66. Material Removal Mechanisms in Grinding Aeronautical Alloys, Part 2: Analysis and Discussion
67. Research on Dynamic Forming of Chip's Path in Virtual Reality Environment
68. Intelligent Optimization Control of Workpiece Deformation for Traverse Grinding
69. A Method of Monitoring Large Power Grinding by Using the Current Signal of the Motorized Spindle
70. A Rise in Temperature by Moving Planar Sources of Heat on the Rake Face for the Waved-Edge Milling Inserts
71. Study on Material Removal Mechanism in Creep Feed Grinding of Alumina Ceramics
72. Grinding Chatter and Ground Surface Waviness in Surface Grinding Process
73. Geometrical Analysis of Roller Grinding with CBN Cup-Shaped Grinding Wheel's Face
74. Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Nanometric Grinding - the Effect of Crystal Anisotropy on the Quality of Machined Surface
75. Effects of Grinding on the Wear Resistance of ZTM Composites
76. Research on High-Speed Precision Grinding of Non-Circular Parts Based on PMAC
77. Study on Improving Wearability of Ductile Iron QT800-2 by Laser Compound Treatments
78. CAD System of Forming Grinding Wheel for Relief Milling Cutter with High Accuracy
79. Effects of Cooling Methods on Temperatures in Vertical Grinding Stone
80. FEM Simulation of Chip Formation Mechanism in NC Turning
81. Sawing Trajectory and Mechanism of Diamond Wire Saw
82. An Inverse Heat Conduction Problem in Controlling the Transient Cutting Temperature
83. A New Theoretical Model of Material Removal for Diamond Wheel Drilling Hard and Brittle Materials
84. Mathematical Models and Grinding Research for Step Drill
85. The Influence of Cutting Edge Orientation and Spindle Motion Error on Machined Surface in Milling
86. Establishing Model and Design on the 3-D Chip Breaker of Carbide Indexable Inserts
87. The Substitution of Fine Turning for Grinding and the Study of Material Removal Mechanisms in Working of Engineering Ceramics
88. Research on Effect Conditions of Micro Vibration in Ultra-Precision Grinding of Aspheric Surface
89. Machinability of an Ultra High Strength Alloy Steel in Milling Processing
90. Experimental Study on Cutting Force in End Milling of Stainless Steel
91. High-Speed Milling of Cast Iron with Ceramic and PCBN Tools
92. Cutting Forces in High-Speed Milling of a Close Alpha Titanium Alloy
93. The Stress Wave Propagation and Crack Formation in Vibratory Metal Cutting Process
94. The Impact of Tool Materials and Cutting Parameters on Surface Roughness in High-Speed Face-Milling
95. Approach of Realizing Material Removal at Nanometer Level in Ultraprecision Polishing
96. Shaping of Green Ceramic Balls and Precision Lapping of Ceramic Balls for Ceramic Ball Bearings
97. Study on Eliminating Mechanism of Surface Metal in Nano-Polishing Process
98. Change of Residual Stress after Grinding Al2O3 Ceramics
99. Effects of Grinding Parameters on Microirregularities of Ground Surface
100. Analytical Study of Temperatures in Sawing with Segmented Blades
101. Primary Study on Instantaneous Fabricating Mechanism of Tungsten Microelectrode Based on Single Discharge and Its Application
102. Investigation into the Effects of Laser Surface Hardening on CrWMn Steel
103. Smoothing of Thick Diamond Film Prepared by Electron-Assisted CVD
104. Pulse Electrochemical Abrasive Lapping Process of EDM Surface
105. Some Key Points for EACVD Thick Diamond Film Preparation
106. Micro-Machining the Surface of Metallic Workpiece by Pulsed YAG Laser
107. Fabrication of PEI Composite Magnetic Ion Exchange Resins
108. Magnetic Abrasive Finishing of Non-Ferromagnetic Tube
109. Research on Local Resonance of Acoustic System by Statistical Energy Analysis in Ultrasonic Vibration Lapping
110. The Virtual Quick Design of the Grinding Equipment for the Stone Products
111. Experimental Equipment for Surface Finishing Precise Hole through Gas-Particle Two-Phase Swirling Flow
112. Basic Principle and Theoretical Research on the Surface Finishing of Precise Hole through Gas-Particle Two-Phase Swirling Flow
113. Shot Blast Texturing Technique and Equipment for Giant Stainless Molding Board
114. Experimental Studies on the New Technologies of Plasma Arc Spray Forming
115. Dry WEDM for Finish Cut
116. Research on a Micro EDM Equipment and Its Application
117. On Characteristics of Flow-Field and Interelectrode Gap in Pulse Electrochemical Finishing (PECF)
118. Research on Micro Machining Using AFM Diamond Tip
119. Gap Characteristics of ECCEM with Rotational Cathode and Error Computation for Finishing Ruled Surface
120. An Experimental Research on Mixed Abrasive Water Jet Cutting Concrete
121. A Surface Modification Method by Using EDM
122. Pulse Electroforming of Nanocrystalline Ni-Mn Alloy
123. Ultra-High Speed Pulsed Water Jet - A Potential Tool for Stone Materials Machining
124. Vibration Characteristics of Piezoelectric Micro Displacement Actuator Driven Directly for Ultrasonic Machining
125. A Study on the New Method of Laser Scratch Testing Technique to Characterize Interfacial Adhesion Between Thin Film and Substrate
126. Study on Internal Magnetic Abrasive Finishing of Thin and Long Austenitic Stainless Steel Tube
127. Comparative Study on the Magnetic-Abrading and the Electrolytic-Magnetic-Abrading Processes
128. Research on Magnetic Abrasive Finishing for the Free Form Surface of Mould by 5-DOF Parallel Virtual Axis Machine Tool
129. Development and Investigation of Ferromagnetic Magneto Material in Magnetic Lapping Technology
130. Research on the Cutting Principle of New Non-Conventional Technology Efficiency Ultrasonic Honing
131. Study on the Surface Quality of LiNbO3 Wafer by CMP
132. Present Situation and Developing Trend of Abrasive Air Jet Micromachining
133. Study on Magnetorheological Surface Finishing
134. The Technology of Finishing Process of Die Space Based upon Magnetic Abrasive Finishing
135. Surface Roughness of Optical Glass Under Magnetorheological Finishing
136. Controlling Parameters for Polymer Melting and Extrusion in FDM
137. Study of the Shape Deposition Manufacturing of Polymer Parts
138. Study on the CNC Grinding Machine Tool for the Radome
139. H8/ Robust Control of Vibration for an Ultra-Precision Grinding Machine
140. Study on the Communication between Single Parameter Profilometer and PC
141. Servo Stiffness of the High Velocity Linear Motor Feed Drives
142. Application of Complex Shifted Morlet Wavelet in Vibration Monitoring of Spindle Bearing of Crank Shaft Grinder
143. The Image Texture Analysis of the Turning Workpieces Based on FBM Model for TCM
144. A Hydraulic Elastic Feed Drive for Fine Grinding of Non-Circular Element
145. Controllable Compliance Device for Internal Grinding Chatter Suppression
146. Research on Intelligent CNC Platform Based on Hierarchical and Distributed Architecture for Grinding Machine
147. Research on Control Strategy for Grinding Machine of Radome
148. A Micro-Feed Actuator for Ultra-Precision Grinding of Brittle Materials
149. Detection and Analysis on the Texture-Edges of Machined Surface Images Based on Wavelets
150. A New Vertical-Horizontal Conversion Parallel Machine Tool
151. Enhancing Machine Accuracy by Error Compensation Decoupling for Five-Axis CNC Machine Tool
152. The Research on Key Technologies of Numerical Control Cam Grinding Machine Tool
153. Relative Coefficient Method for Rotor Balancing and Its Performing with Dynamic Signal Analyzer
154. Robust Modeling and Real Time Compensation for the Thermal Error on a Large Number of CNC Turning Centers
155. A New Algorithm for Extracting Image Edges and Its Application in Tool Condition Monitoring System
156. A New Algorithm of Adaptive Fuzzy Control in Milling
157. Conceptual Design Based on the Divergent Tree Method for Tool Torage
158. Study of Posture Optimization of Polishing Tool for Robotic Free-Form Surfaces Ultrasonic Polishing
159. Data Processing in Condition Monitoring Intelligent Modeling
160. Computer Aided Design for the Extrusion Tap
161. Industrial Design Management and Culture Based on Conceptual Design
162. Hybrid Vibration Isolation of Inertial Vibration Feeders
163. Temperature Measurement in High Speed Milling Ti6Al4V
164. Optimization of Cutting Parameters in High Speed Milling of Thin-Walled Structure Components
165. High Efficiency Milling of Thin-Walled Components of Airplane
166. Research of Uncut Free Pocketing Tool-Path Generation Algorithm for High-Speed Milling
167. Cutting Forces in the Milling of Inconel 718
168. Development of Case-Based Database for High-Speed Machining
169. Finite Element Analysis on Novel High-Speed Hybrid Bearing
170. Connection Performance of Spindle/Toolholder Interface under High Rotational Speed
171. Advances in Modeling Technology for High-Speed Machining Process
172. Dynamic Modeling for High-Speed Milling System with Centrifugal Force and Gyroscopic Effect
173. Development of Diamond-Coated Drills for High-Speed Machining SiC Particles Reinforced Aluminum-Matrix Composite
174. Wear Characteristics of Micro-End Mill in High-Speed Milling of Graphite Electrode
175. Study on the Performance of HSK in High-Speed Machining and Its Numerical Simulation
176. Study on the Forming Mechanism of the Cutting-Direction Burr in Metal Cutting

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