ISBN 0-87849-933-4, Trans Tech Publications; 2003
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Advances in Abrasives Technology V
Advances in Abrasive Technology VI. The sixth in the series of publications produced at the conferences organized by the International Society for Advancements in Abrasive Technology (ISAAT).This conference was sponsored by the International Committe for Abrasive Technology, The Japan Society for Abrasive Technology, Institute of Grinding Technology, University of Bristol Cranfield University and Liverpoole John Moores University. This volume covers the meeting held at Bristol University in November 2003 and like previous volumes in the series focuses on precision machining and finishing technologies. Short notes on select papers follow. Hover the cursor over the paper and a brief review will appear in the right column for many papers. (Abstracts are being processed and may be added later.) All papers are also available as separates in electronic format for $20USD each. Major credit card payment is preferred.