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Advances in Abrasives Technology VIII
From the Preface

The history of abrasive technology originates from the discovery of minerals, and continues with the development of precision technology. Currently. the requirements for ultra precision surfaces and nano-topography surfaces for electronic and optical devices, such as silicon wafers in the semiconductor industry, various kinds of optical lenses in the optical instrument industry, and dies in the injection molding industry, make abrasive technology more important than ever, and necessary for the rapid development of information technology.
Following the last seven publications in 1997, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003 and 2004 in the series of Advances in Abrasive Technology, this book presents recent advances in this important field.
In total, 115 papers were contributed from countries and rejoins around the world, including Japan, China, Hong Kong (China), Korea, Australia, Russia, Germany, UK and Ireland. The selection of papers for inclusion in this book was based on the recommendations from the preliminary review of abstracts and from the final review of full-length papers, with the reviews concentrating on originality and quality. While emphasizing the practical techniques to improve quality and efficiency, theoretical examinations of abrasive processes and systems are also considered.
We believe that the book will present the newest applicable information for active researchers and engineers, and form a basis for further research in the abrasive technology field to create new and practical machine tools, systems, and processes, and to identify new characteristics for them.

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I. Advanced Grinding Technologies
Development of New Device for Form-Grinding and Research on the Profile-Accuracy
Q.S. Yan, L.Y. Kong, N.Q. Wu, S.B. Chen, Z.Q. Zhang and Z.D. Zheng 3
Adaptive Table-Motion Control of a Surface Grinding Machine Using an AE Sensor
   A. Yui, S. Okuyama and T. Kitajima 9
An Adaptive Control of Machine Table Reciprocation Using a Hydrophone - A Method for Improving the System Efficiency and Reliability -
   S. Okuyama, M. llayashi, A. Yui and T. Kitajima 15
Abrasive Technology of Single-Crystal Diamond by Diamond Abrasive Wheel
   Y.Ma and Z.F.Lou 21
Effects of TiH2 on the Properties of Fe-Based Diamond Composites
   Q.L. Dai and X.P. Xu 27
Effect of Ultrasonic Elliptic Vibration on Friction between Shoe and Workpiece in Ultrasonic Elliptic-Vibration Shoe Centerless Grinding
    Y. Wu, Y. Fan, T. Tachibana and M. Kato 33
Eco- and Energy-Efficient Grinding Processes
   B. Denkena, M. Reichstein, N. Kramer, J. Jacobsen and M. Jung 39
Study on Ultrasonic Vibration Grinding Character of Nano ZrO2 Ceramics
   B. Zhao, X.H. Zhang, C.S. Liu, F. Jian and X.S. Zhu 45
New Compensation Grinding of Axisymmetrical Aspherical Lenses with High NA Value
   N. Yoshihara and T. Kunyagawa 51
A New Diamond Wheel Containing Boron Doped Diamond Abrasives Enabling Electrically Conductive Cutting Edge and High Thermal Stability
K. Suzuki, M. Iwai, S. Ninomiya, K. Takeuchi, K. Tanaka, Y. Tanaka and T. Uematsu 57
Attempt of Electrodischarge Grinding with an Electrically Conductive Diamond-Cutting-Edge Wheel
K.Suzuki, S. Ninomiya, M. Iwai, Y. Tanaka, Y. Murakanai, S. Sano, K. Tanaka and T. Uematsu 63
Ultra-High Speed Grinding Using a CBN Wheel for a Mirror-Like Surface Finish
   M. Ota, T. Nakayarna, K. Takashima and H. Watanabe 67
Ultraprecision Fabrication of Large-Scale SiC Spherical Mirror Using ELID Grinding Process
   Y. Dai, H. Oarnori, W. Lin, H. Elo and N. Ebizuka 73

II. Grinding Performance and its Mechanism
Studies on CCD On-Line Measurement System for Grinding Wheel Wear

   Y.H.Zhang,H.Q.TangandD.J.Hu 81
Wear of Metal-Bonded Diamond Tools in Different Abrasive Processes
   X.P.Xu,Q.L.Hanandy.Li 85
Signal Analysis of Acoustic Emission for Laser Imitating Grinding Burn
X. Chen, Q. Liu and N. Gindy 91
Analysis of Grinding Temperature Considering Surface Generation Mechanism
T. Obikawa and J. Shinozuka 97
Noise and Vibration of Diamond Sawblade for Concrete Dry Cutting
CY. Wang, Y.N. Hu, Z.W. Wang and H.N. Ding 103
Force Characteristics in Ultrasonic Vibration Grinding of Nanoceramics
   Y.Wu,B.ZhaoandX.S.Zhu 109
Experimental Research on ELID Grinding and Cutting Performance of Nano Cemented Carbide Cutters
   F.H. Zhang, J~C. Gui, Y.Z, Liu and H,L. Zhang 115
ELID Grinding Properties of High-Strength Reaction-Sintered SiC
   Y. Dai, H. Otirnori, W, Lin, H. Eto, N. Ebizuka and K. Tsuno 121
Characterization of ELID-Ground Granite Surfaces
   J.Y. Shen, W. Lin, H. Ohinori and X.P. Xu 127
Surface Quality Improvement of Aspherical Pressing Mould Using Parallel Grinding Method
   F.H. Zhang, L.J. Li and S. Dung 133
Effect of Cutting Edge Truncation on Ground Surface Morphology of Hard and Brittle Materials for Optical Devices
   X. Kang, J. Tamaki, A. Kubo, J. Yan and T. lyama 139
Kinematic Analysis of Face Grinding Process at Lapping Machines
   L.X. Can, H.J. Wu and J. Liu 145
Reliability Prediction of Centerless Grinding Machine
   S,W. Lee, H.-Z. Choi, S.H. Nam and Y.J. Choi 151
A Comprehensive Evaluation Model for Assessments of Grinding Machining Quality
   H~z.iluang,Y.H.LiandL.~11.Xue 157
Analysis of the Grinding Mechanism with Wheel Head Oscillating Type CNC Crankshaft Pin Grinder
   T. Fujiwara, S. Tsukamoto and M. Miyagawa 163

III. Dressing and Truing of Grinding Wheels
Investigation on the Dressing Shape of Vacuum Chuck in Wafer Rotation Grinding

H. Can, Y.B. Tian, ZY. Jia and R.K. Kang 171
Energy-Mode Adjustment in Laser Processing a Small Vitrified CBN Grinding Wheel
X.Y. Wang, Y.B. Wu, R.K. Kang, J. Wang, W.J. Xu and M. Kato 177
Effects of Ultrasonic Vibration in Truing and Dressing of CBN Grinding Wheel Used for Internal Grinding of Small Holes
M. Nomura, Y. Wu, M. Kato and T. Kunyagawa 183
A Study on the Optimum Condition Selection of Rotary Dressing System of Ultra-Precision Centerless Grinding Machine for Ferrule
B-S. Lee, Y.-J. Chun and N.-K. Kim 189
Dressing Monitoring by Acoustic Emission
B. Denkena, J. Jacobsen and N. Kramer 195
Dressing of Vitreous Bonded Wheels for Continuous Generating Grinding of Gears
B. Denkena, M. Reichstein and F. Catoni 201
Development on Micro Precision Truing Method of ELID-Grinding Wheel (1st Report Principle & Fundamental Experiments)
H. Ohmori, S. Yin, W. Lin, Y. Uehara, S. Morita, M. Asami and M. Ohmori 207
Development on Micro Precision Truing Method of ELID-Grinding Wheel (2nd Report Application to Edge Sharpening of Large Wheel)
   S. Yin, W. Lin, Y. Uehara, S. Morita, H. Ohmori, M. Asami and M. Ohmori 213

IV. Coolant and Cooling in Grinding
Study on Lubricating and Cooling Effects of Several Cooling Systems Used in Face Grinding

   T. Tanaka and T. Kobayashi 221
A New Coolant Supply Method Using a Coolant Flow Guided Flexible Sheet Attracted to a Wheel Surface
   K. Suzuki, S. Ninomiya, M. Iwai, Y. Shishido and T. Uematsu 227
Effects of Actively Cooled Coolant for Grinding Brittle Materials
   Y. Gao, H. Lai and S. Tse 233
Soap Mist Jet Cooling of Grinding Processes
   D.M. Babic, A.A. Tonance and D.B. Munay 239
Trends in Fluid Application Strategy for Grinding Processes
   D.J. Stephenson 245

V. Deburring and Finishing
Analysis of Burr Formation Mechanism in Turning Aluminium Alloy A16061-T6
   A. Toropov, S.-L. Ko and B.-K. Kim 253
Effective Deburring of Micro Burr Using Magnetic Abrasive Finishing Method
   J.I. Park, S.-L. Ko, Y.H. Hanh and Y.M. Baron 259
Improvement of Surface Texture of Stainless Steel by Utilizing Dry Blasting 2nd Report Effect of Blasting Conditions on Wettability -
   K. Minaki, K. Kitajima, K. Minaki, M. Izawa and K. Tosha 265
Abrasive Characteristics on Mirror Finishing by Alumina Fiber Brush
   K. Ishikawa, H. Suwabe andY. Tutae 271
Electrochemical Magnetic Abrasive Compound Finishing
   J.C. Fang, W.J. Xu, Z.Y. Zhao and H.Y. Li 275
Study on Internal Magnetic Field Assisted Finishing Process Using a Magnetic Machining Jig
   Y. Zoo and T. Shinmura 281
Development of Gas-Atomized Magnetic Tools
T. Saito, K. Koike, H. Yamato, A. Kuwana, A. Suzuki, H. Yamaguchi and T. Shinmura 287
Characterization of the Magnetic Abrasive Finishing Method and Its Application to Deburring
   Y.M. Baron, S.-L. Ko and J.l. Park 291
Technique of Comparison and Optimization of Conditions for Magnetic Abrasive Finishing
   Y.M. Baron, S.-L. Ko and J.I. Park 297
Finishing of Shape Surfaces by Magnetic Abrasive Polishing Method with Rotating Working Area
   V.A. Litvinenko 303
Mechanics of the Micro Cutting by Abrasive Particle at Vibro-Abrasive Processing
   A.P. Babichev 309
Quality of Deburring and Surface Finishing (DSF) in Russia
   A.P.Babichev 315
The Optimization of Technological Processes of Detail Processing by Free Abrasives
   MA. Tamarkin 319

VI. Lapping and Polishing
Lapping Machining of High-Speed and High-Precision Ceramic Bearing Balls
   Y.H. Wu, S.H. Li and K. Zhang 325
Time Series Analysis for the Mechanical Lapping of Single Crystal Diamond Cutting Tools
   W.J. Zong, D. Li, H.X. Wang, T. Sun, K. Cheng and M.J. Chen 331
Effects of Particles Blend Ratio on Surface Quality in Surface Polishing Using Magnetic Polishing Liquid (MPL)
   Y. Wu, K. Shimada, Y.C. Wong and M. Kato 337
Fundamental Verification of Ultraviolet-Excited Abrasion and Polishing Characteristics of Copper - Study of Luminescence Machining -
   Y. Chiwaya and T. Tanaka 343
Ultra-Precision Finishing of Micro Aspherical Surface by Ultrasonic Vibration Assisted Polishing
H. Suzuki, R. Kawamori, M. Miyabara, T. Okino, Y. Hijikala, Y. Yamamoto, K. Nakamoto, T.
   Moriwaki and H. Shibutani 349
Characteristics of High Rotational Speed Polishing with Oscillation Speed Control
   K. Yoshitomi, A. Une and M. Mochida 355
Improvement of Machined Surface Flatness in Ultra-Precision Plane Honing
   S. Suzuki, N. Yoshihara and J. Kunyagawa 359
Polishing Characteristics of ELID-Ground Surface of Nano Precision Optical Elements
   W. Lin, H. Obmori, T. Suzuki, Y. Uehara and S. Morita 365
Precision Abrasive Jet Finishing of Cemented Carbide
   T. Saito, S. Ito, Y. Mizukami and 0. Horiuchi 371

VII. Wafer Processing and Nano Processing
Measurement of Surface Roughness and Thiclmess of Silicon Wafers Using an Infrared Laser
   S. Koshimizu 377
Investigation of Chemical Mechanical Polishing of GaAs Wafer by the Effect of a Photocatalyst
   S.H. Hong, H. Isii, M. Touge and J. Watanabe 381
Machining Mechanisms of Si Wafers in Mechanochemical Polishing by Soft Abrasives
   N.Yasunaga 385
Friction Characteristic of Wafer Surface in Chemical Mechanical Polishing
   Z.Y. Jia, J.X. Su, Z.J. Jin, D.M. Guo and L.P. Li 389
Corrosion Inhibiting Effect on Copper Chemical Mechanical Planarization (C MP) in Fe~O3)3 Based Slurries
   D.M. Guo, X.J. Li, Z.J. Jin and R.K. Kang 395
Nano Mechanical Processing of Silicon by Atomic Force Microscopy
   S. Miyake, M. Wang and J. Kim 401
Application of Nanometer-Scale Processing Technique in High-Density Recording
   M. Wang and S. Miyake 407
Optimization of the Chemical Vapor Deposition Induced Focused Ion Beam
   H.-Z. Choi, E.-(3. Kang, S.-W. Lee and W.-P. Hong 413
Thinning Technology of Patterned Silicon Wafer for Micro Pressure Sensor
   T. Nagano, M. Touge and J. Watanabe 419
Study on the Surface and Subsurface Integrity of Ground Monocrystalline Silicon Wafers
   R.K. Kang, Y.X. Zhang, D.M. Ouo and Z.J. Jin 425

VIII. Cutting Performance and its Mechansm<
MQL Cutting of Inconel 718 with a Super Lattice Coating Tool
   T. Obikawa and Y. Kamata 433
High-Speed Milling Experiments on the Extended Length of Milling Tool
   Z. Qin, C.Y. Wang, Y.N. Ho and Y.S. Lin 439
Drilling Assisted by Ultrasonic Elliptical Vibration
   C.X. Ma, E. Shamoto and T. Moriwaki 443
Study on Ultrasonic Vibration Drilling of Particulate Reinforced Aluminium Matrix Composites
   C.S. Liu, B. Zhao, G.F. Gao and X.H. Zhang 447
Enhancing the AWJ Cutting Performance by Multipass Machining with Controlled Nozzle Oscillation
   J. Wang and S. Xu 453 Mathematical Models for the Hydrodynamic Characteristics of Abrasive Waterjets
   J. Wang and H. Liu 459
Prevention from Delamination of Composite Material during Drilling Using Ultrasonic Vibration
   S. Aoki, S. Hirai and T. Nishimura 465
Influence of Material of Small Radius Ball End Mill on Cutting Accuracy in Deep Precision Machining
   T. Akamatsu, K. Kitajima, S. Minamino and T. Kinyama 471
Study on Surface Integrity of PTFE Finished by Ultra-Precision Cutting and Surface Performance
   K. Okuda and M. Nunobiki 475

IX. Advanced Machine Tools, Cutting, and Abrasive Tools
Comparative Study on Machining the Internal Stationary Toroidal Gear
   L. Yao, 6.W. Wei, Z.H. Lan and J.S. Dai 483
Studies on NC Machining for Cylindrical Cams
   W.Q. Gao, Q.S. Yan, J. Liang and Z.Y. Liu 489
Dynamic Analysis of a Biglide Parallel Grinder
   P. Zou 495
A New Architecture of Tool Path Generation for Five-Axis Control Machining
   K. Nakamoto, K. Shirase, A. Morishita, E. Arai and T. Moriwaki 501
Development of Orthogonal Impact Cutting Testing Machine
   J. Shinozuka and T. Obikawa 507
Research of the Technological Parameters Influencing on the Surface Quality of Micro Complex Surface
   M.J. Chen, Y.C. Liang, Y.Z. Sun, W.X. Guo and W.J. Zong 513
The Effect of Secondary Piezoelectn~c Effect on the Measuring Precision of Quartz Dynamometers
   L.P. Shi, BY. Sun and M. Qian 519
Development of Shrinking Tool Holder Utilizing of Shape Memory Alloy
   K. Kitajima, H. Sogabe and M. Hiromi 525
Microstructure of Ni-Al-Diamond Composite Fabricated by Self-Propagating High Temperature Synthesis
   F.L. Zhang, H. Yuan, C.Y. Wang, K.X. Fu and Y.M. Zhou 531

Electroforming of Copper/ZrB2 Composite Coatings and Its Performance as Electro-Diseharge Machining Electrodes
   Z.J. Jin, M. Zhang, D.M. Guo and R.K. Kang 537
Performance of an Electrically Conductive CVD Diamond Electrode for EDM and FEM Analysis for a Very Low Wear
   K. Suzuki, M. Iwai, A. Shanna, S. Ninomiya, T. Uematsu and S. Sano 543
A New Application of PCD as a Very Low Wear Electrode Material for EDM
   K. Suzuki, A. Shanna, S. Sano, M. Iwai and T. Uematsu 549
A Study of Surface Integrity in WEDM-HS with Air Medium
   Z.N. Guo, J.W. Liu and F.Z. Zeng 555
Calculating the Overcut in Electro-Diseharge Machining
   F.L. Zhao, H. Wang and Z.Z. Lu 561
Research on Highly Efficient EDM Pulse Power Supply and Its Experiments
   Y.K. Wang, B.Y. Song and W.S. Zhao 567
The Research of Carbon Steel Surface Finished by Pulse Electrochemical Finishing Technology
   H. Wang, J.J. Zhou and W.J. Xu
Study on the Machined Surface Topography and Performances on Electrochemical Finishing
   H.Y. Li, X.M. Liu, H.J. Liu and J.C. Fang 579
Effect of Tool Segmentation in Ultrasonic Machining - Studies of Ultrasonic Die Sinking -
   0. Saito and T. Kunyagawa 585

XI. Forming and the Related Novel Technologies
Study of Rapid Casting Process Based on SLS Prototypes
   H.J. Liu, Y.M. Li, Y. Hao, X.P. Dong and N.Y. Huang 593
Study on the Dimensional Precision of the Polymer SLS Prototype
   H.J. Liu, Y.M. Li, Y. Hao, N.Y. Huang and Y.S. Shi 597
Arc Spray Forming of Stainless Steel Mould
   Z.Y. Zhao, J.C. Fang, H. Wang and H.Y. Li 603
FGM Mould with Fine Veins Rapidly Manufactured by Plasma Spraying
   J.C. Fang, W.J. Xu, Z.Y. Zhao and L. Wang 609
Application of Neural Network in Plasma-Arc Flexible Forming
   W.J. Xu, J.C. Fang, F. Lin, X.Y. Wang and Z.Y. Zhao 615
Numerical Simulation of the Cooling Process of Extruded Plastic Profiles within Vacuum Calibrators
   D.Y. Zhao, M.J. Wang and M.C. Song 619
A Novel Automatic Feed-Rate Adjustment Method for Die-Cavity Roughing
   M.J. Wang, Y.J. Cai and W.G. Yan 625
Deformation Analysis of Fixturing for Workpicce with Complex Geometry
   Y.Wang,X.ChenandN.Gindy 631
Graph-Analytic Modification of the Method of Upper Estimation (Method of Energetic Geometry)
   A.A. Alexandrov and V.V. Evstifeev 637
Features of Application of the Laser Method for Normalization of Accuracy of Resistors in Hybrid Integrated Circuits    Y. Antonov 643

XII. Inspection and Manufacturing Technologies
Fault Monitoring and Diagnosis of Ball Bearing Based on Hilbert-Huang Transformation
   H. Li, H.Q. Zheng and L.W. Tang 649
Hilbert-Huang Transform and Its Application in Gear Faults Diagnosis
   H. Li, H.Q. Zheng and L.W. Tang 655
An Optimal Matching Algorithm Based on Rough Localization and Exact Adjustment
   Y.W. Sun and J.T. Xu 661
Study on Key Technologies of DNC System Oriented Networked Manufacturing
   M.J. Wang, Y.J. Cai and W.6. Yan 667
Wavelet Transform Based 3D Scattered Data Processing in Binocular Micro Stereovision System
   C. Liu, W. Pei, Z.Y. Xia, S. Niyokindi, J.C. Song and L.D. Wang 673
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