Advances in Abrasive Technology XIII Advances in Abrasive Technology XIII
Yunn-Shiuan, Chao-Chang, A Chen, Choug-Lii Chao, and Pei-Lum Tso Editors
Selected, peer reviewed papers from joint 13th ISAAT conference and the 1st Cross Strait Conference on Precision Machining held September 19-22, 2010 Taipei Taiwan.
1045 pages
(ISBN: 13-978-0-87849-242-8)
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This volume contains technical papers from a conference held by the International Symposium on Advances in Abrasives Technology, which began organizing international meetings in 1997. Held concurrently with the first Cross-Strait Conference on Precision Machining, the 2010 meeting in Taipei, Taiwan serves as a platform to explore advances in all aspects of abrasive technology. Although contributions from China predominate, contributions come from research around the world in countries such as Europe, Japan, USA, UK, Australia. The contents of this volume are a demonstration of the migration of manufacturing industries to the Asia-Pacific region and the growing partnership of Taiwan and China in exploring advanced abrasive technology. Notes from the Preface


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  • Progress in the Modeling of Abrasive Jet Machining
        By Yasser M. Ali, Philip Mathew, Jun Wang   ....3-8   Abstract
  • Characteristics and Polishing Effect of Abrasive Jet Beam with Polymer Abrasive Suspension Additives
        By    .... 9-13   Abstract
  • Mechanical Characterization of Lapping Plate Materials in Diamond Charging Process
        By Hideaki Tanaka, Hiromu Chiba, Takeshi Yoshikawa, K. Iwatsuka, Yukio Maeda   ....17- 22   Abstract
  • Simulation of Grinding Surface Creation – A Single Grit Approach
        By Xun Chen, Tahsin Tecelli   ....23-28   Abstract
  • A Study on Multi-Objective Optimization of Abrasive Blasting Systems
        By Vu Ngoc Pi, Tran Minh Duc   ....29-34   Abstract
  • Analysis and Modeling of Micro Abrasive Air Jet Cutting Aspect Ratio
        By Quan Lai Li, Chuan Zhen Huang, Jun Wang, Hong Tao Zhu, Zeng Wen Liu   ....35-40   Abstract
  • Contact Conditions in 5-Axis-Grinding of Double Curved Surfaces with Toric Grinding Wheels
        By Berend Denkena, Luis de Leon, Leif Behrens   ....41-46   Abstract
  • Analysis of Super-High Speed Point Grinding Forces
        By Ya Dong Gong, Jian Qiu, Yue Ming Liu, Jun Cheng   ....47-51   Abstract
  • Theoretical Analysis of Grinding Temperature Field for Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastics
        By H. Gao, H.L. Ma, Yong Jie Bao, H.P. Yuan, Ren Ke Kang   ....52-57   Abstract
  • Laser Assist Powder Jet Deposition
        By Nobuhito Yoshihara, Ryoko Hiromatsu, Koichi Mizutani, Ji Wang Yan, Tsunemoto Kuriyagawa   ....58-63   Abstract
  • A Study on Pressure Stability in Double-Sided Polishing Process
        By Wei Li, Cheng Jin, Xiao Zhen Hu   ....64-69   Abstract
  • Process Influences in the Wire Cutting of Concrete
        By Berend Denkena, Luis de Leon, Florian Seiffert   ....70-76   Abstract
  • Research on Machining Simulation of Ultra High-Speed Grinding Machine Tool Based on Web
        By Wan Shan Wang, Peng Guan, Tian Biao Yu   ....77-81   Abstract
  • Wear of Polishing Pad and Pattern Optimization of Fixed Abrasive Pad
        By Mao Li, Yong Wei Zhu, Jun Li, Jian Feng Ye, Ji Long Fan   ....82-87   Abstract
  • Grinding Characteristic Research of High Efficiency Deep Grinding for Viscous Material
        By Xiao Min Sheng, Li Guo, Kun Tang, Hai Qing Mi, Jian Wu Yu, Tao Chen   ....88- 95   Abstract
  • A Simulation System for Grinding Based on Virtual Reality
        By Tian Biao Yu, Peng Cheng Su, Jing Qiang Zhang, Peng Guan, Wan Shan Wang   ....96-100   Abstract
  • Analysis of Roughness in Super-High Speed Point Grinding
        By Yue Ming Liu, Ya Dong Gong, Jun Cheng, Ting Chao Han   ....101-106   Abstract
  • Grinding Performance of a Grain-Arranged Diamond Wheel against Aluminum Alloys and Ti6Al4V
        By Shigeki Okuyama, Akinori Yui, Takayuki Kitajima   ....107-112   Abstract
  • Study on the Subsurface Damage Distribution of the Silicon Wafer Ground by Diamond Wheel
        By Shang Gao, Ren Ke Kang, Dong Ming Guo, Quan Sheng Huang   ....113-118   Abstract
  • Investigation of Grinding Process Simulation
        By Tian Biao Yu, Jing Qiang Zhang, Peng Guan, Wan Shan Wang   ....119-124   Abstract
  • Fabrication of a Spherical Silicon Solar Cell Module
        By Un Chung Cho   ....125-126   Abstract
  • Application of a Case-Based Process Expert System for NC Camshaft Grinding
        By Zhao Hui Deng, De Fang Cao, Xiao Hong Zhang, Hao Tang   ....127-132   Abstract
  • Effect of Flexing on Coated Abrasive Belt Grinding of Stainless Steel
        By Xavier Kennedy, S. Gowri   ....133-138   Abstract
  • Ultrasonic Vibration Grinding Test of Composite Ceramics Based on the Nonlocal Theory
        By Bo Zhao, Ping Xie, Chong Yang Zhao   ....139-142   Abstract
  • Study on Surface Residual Stress of Nano-Zirconia Toughened Alumina Ceramics under Two-Dimentional Ultrasonic Vibration Assisted Grinding
        By Yan Yan Yan, Bo Zhao, Jun Li Liu   ....143-147   Abstract
  • Development of Media for Low Pressure Abrasive Flow Machining
        By Weng Seng Fong, Yee Ming Wan, David Lee Butler   ....148-153   Abstract
  • Experimental Investigation on High-Speed Grinding of 40Cr Steel with Vitrified CBN Grinding Wheel
        By Jian Wu Yu, Tao Chen, Zhen Tao Shang, Xiao Min Sheng, Gui Zhi Xie   ....154-158   Abstract
  • On-Machine Method to Condition the Grinding Ability of Resin-Bond Wheels
        By Yasuhiro Tani, Tae Won Kim, Junji Murata, Yu Zhang, Sho Sawayama, Kousuke Tsutanaka   ....159-164   Abstract
  • A Study on the Spiral Polishing of the Inner Wall of Stainless Bores
        By Wei Chan Chen, B.H. Yan, Shin Min Lee   ....165-170   Abstract
  • Modeling Surface Roughness and Hardness of Grinding SKD11 Steel Using Adaptive Network Based Fuzzy Inference
        By Chih Hsiang Chang, Jhy Cherng Tsai, Neng Hsin Chiu, Rei Yu Chein   ....171-176   Abstract
  • Surface Texture Analysis of Fixed and Free Abrasive Machining of Silicon Substrates for Solar Cells
        By Chao Chang A. Chen, Pei Hsiun Chao   ....177-180   Abstract
  • Influences of Characteristics of Large Particle on the 'Trap' Effect of Semi-Fixed Abrasive Tool
        By Bing Hai Lv, Ju Long Yuan, Qian Fa Deng, Zhi Wei Wang   ....181- 186   Abstract
  • Laboratory Comparison of Mini-Discs with Point-Attack Picks
        By Bulent Tiryaki, Ian D. Gipps, Xing S. Li   ....189-194   Abstract
  • Tool Wear Mechanism in Continuous Cutting of Difficult-to-Cut Material under Dry Machining
        By Gusri Akhyar Ibrahim, Che Hassan Che Haron, Jaharah Abd. Ghani   ....195- 201   Abstract
  • On Geometrical Errors and their Suppression in Turning Operation by Controlling Thrust Forces
        By Kohichi Miura, Takazo Yamada, Hwa Soo Lee   ....202-207   Abstract
  • Optimal Improvement on Cutting Yield Rate in ACF Attach Process of TFT-LCD Module Using Response Surface Method
        By Jian Long Kuo, Chung Hao Hsieh   ....208-213   Abstract
  • Study on Tool Life by Breakage in Micro Endmilling
        By Osamu Horiuchi, Bo Xiao Ma, Mitsuyoshi Nomura, Takayuki Shibata, Yoshihiko Murakami, Masami Masuda   ....214- 219   Abstract
  • Comparative Studies on the Cutting Performance of HFCVD Diamond and DLC Coated WC-Co Milling Tools in Dry Machining Al/SiC-MMC
        By Bin Shen, Fang Hong Sun, Dong Can Zhang   .... 220-225   Abstract
  • Study on the Cutting Performance of HFCVD Diamond Coated Silicon Nitride Inserts in Dry Turning Aluminum Silicon Alloy
        By Fang Hong Sun, Bin Shen, Guo Dong Yang   ....226-231   Abstract
  • Elastic and Plastic Behaviors in Ductile-Regime Machining Process of Quartz Glass
        By Takahiro Takechi, Junichi Tamaki, Akihiko Kubo, A.M.M. Sharif Ullah   ....235-240   Abstract
  • DEM Simulation and Experimental Investigation of Silicon Carbide on Pre- Stressed Machining
        By Sheng Qiang Jiang, Yuan Qiang Tan, Gao Feng Zhang, Rui Tao Peng, Dong Min Yang   ....241-245   Abstract
  • A Study on the Ductile Mode Cutting of Lithium Niobate
        By Hiroo Shizuka, Koichi Okuda, Masayuki Nunobiki, Wei Li, Takanobu Inaoka   ....246-251   Abstract
  • A Study of Ultrasonically Assisted Fly Cutting for High Precision Machining Hard Brittle Materials
        By Keisuke Hara, Hiromi Isobe, Shuichi Chiba, Keiko Abe   ....252- 257   Abstract
  • The Investigation on Small Hole Drilling-Grinding in Glass and Ceramic
        By Yan Ming Quan, Jia Jia Chen, Hao Xu   ....258-262   Abstract
  • Machining Schemes for Dicing Soda Lime Glass
        By Jhy Cherng Tsai, Hong Shin Chen   ....263- 268   Abstract
  • Effect of Shear and Thermal Characteristics on Chemical Mechanical Polishing
        By Hung Jung Tsai, Jeng Haur Horng, Hung Cheng Tsai, Shun Jung Chiu, Pay Yau Huang   ....271-275   Abstract
  • A Dishing Model for Chemical Mechanical Polishing of Plug Structures
        By Shih Hsiang Chang   ....276-281   Abstract
  • Two Dimensional Ultrasonic Vibration Assisted Chemo-Mechanical Grinding of Si Wafer
        By Zhen Zhong Wang, Yong Bo Wu, Li Bo Zhou, Yin Biao Guo, Chen Xu Wu   ....282-288   Abstract
  • Machining Force and Modes for Si Wafer Machining with Rotational Tool
        By Nobumasa Yokemura, Kenichiro Imai, Hiroshi Hashimoto   ....289-294   Abstract
  • Wafer Polishing Process with Signal Analysis and Monitoring for Optimum Condition of Machining
        By Jung Taik Lee, Eun Sang Lee, Jong Koo Won, Hon Zong Choi   ....295- 304   Abstract
  • Effects of Wafer Carrier Design on Contact Stress Uniformity in CMP
        By Ian Hu, Tian Shiang Yang, Kuo Shen Chen   ....305-310   Abstract
  • Study on Chemical Mechanical Polishing with Ultrasonic Vibration
        By Pei Lum Tso, Yao Cheng Chang   ....311-315   Abstract
  • Experimental Investigation on Effects of Passivants in the Abrasive-Free Polishing of Copper Film
        By Jhy Cherng Tsai, Wei Ching Lin   ....316-319   Abstract
  • Friction Phenomenon in Chemical Mechanical Polishing of Oxide Film
        By Ming Yi Tsai, W.Z. Yang   ....320-325   Abstract
  • Diamond Pad Conditioners with Oriented Polycrystalline Diamond Cubes
        By Ying Tung Chen, Ta Wei Lin, Yunn Shiuan Liao, Jung Sheng Chen, Chao Yu Lin, James C. Sung   ....326-331   Abstract
  • Mosaic Diamond Disks with Brazed Pallets for CMP
        By Ying Tung Chen, Chen Chin Yu, Cheng Shiang Chou, Chih Chung Chou, Yang Liang Pai, Zong Qing Yang, Mu Han Cheng, Tien Chen Hu, Michael Sung, James C. Sung   ....332-337   Abstract
  • Estimation of Heat Transfer Coefficients in Dry and Cold-Air Cutting
        By Feng Jiang, Jian Feng Li, Jie Sun, Song Zhang, Lan Yan   ....341-346   Abstract
  • Tool Life and Surface Roughness of FCD 700 Ductile Cast Iron when Dry Turning Using Carbide Tool
        By Jaharah Abd. Ghani, Mohd Nor Azmi Mohd Rodzi, Kamal Othman, Che Hassan Che Haron   ....347-352   Abstract
  • Effects of Cutting Fluid with Nano Particles on the Grinding of Titanium Alloys
        By Yunn Shiuan Liao, Y.P. Yu, C.H. Chang   ....353-358   Abstract
  • Development of Three-Dimensional Dynamometer for Wafer Grinder
        By Xiang Long Zhu, Ren Ke Kang, Yong Qing Wang, Dong Ming Guo   ....361-366   Abstract
  • Elliptical Ultrasonic Assisted Grinding (EUAG) of Monocrystal Sapphire – Surface Formation Characteristics
        By Zhi Qiang Liang, Xi Bin Wang, Yong Bo Wu, Wen Xiang Zhao   ....367-372   Abstract
  • Fabrication of Micro Shapes by EDM with Micro Electrodes Generated in Turning Operation
        By Kohichi Miura, Masayuki Takahashi, Takazo Yamada, Hwa Soo Lee   ....375-380   Abstract
  • Study on Application of Taguchi Method to Ultrasonic-Aided Spin Welding of Heterogeneous Plastic Materials
        By Kuen Ming Shu, Chih Shiang Chang, Wei Jun Chuang, Shi Iun Wang, Yau Yheng Jang   ....381-387   Abstract
  • Bending of Pure Titanium Sheet to Curved Surface Shape by Laser Forming Technique
        By Masayuki Nunobiki, Koichi Okuda, Kousuke Hourai, Hiroo Shizuka   ....388-393   Abstract
  • Microfabrication of Photosensitive Glass by Femtosecond Laser Direct Writing
        By C.W. Cheng, J.S. Chen, P.X. Lee, C.W. Chien   ....394-400   Abstract
  • Repairing Damage on Ground Fused Silica by CO2 Laser Irradiation
        By Peng Yao, Takuro Abe, Nobuhito Yoshihara, Tian Feng Zhou, Ji Wang Yan, Tsunemoto Kuriyagawa   ....401-406   Abstract
  • An Investigation of Attachment on Electrode Surface in Dry EDM
        By Ke Yu Shue, Yao Yang Tsai, Yo Ming Chang   ....407-412   Abstract
  • Investigation of Eco-Friendly Fixed-Abrasive Polishing with Compact Robot
        By Sachiko Ogawa, Shinpei Okumura, Toshiki Hirogaki, Eiichi Aoyama, Yoshiaki Onchi   ....415-420   Abstract
  • High-Integrity Finishing of 4H-SiC (0001) by Plasma-Assisted Polishing
        By Kazuya Yamamura, Tatsuya Takiguchi, Masaki Ueda, Azusa N. Hattori, Nobuyuki Zettsu   ....423- 428   Abstract
  • Review on the CMP of SiC and Sapphire Wafers
        By Yong Guang Wang, Liang Chi Zhang   ....429- 434   Abstract
  • Polyline Dwell Time Algorithm for Every Type of Tool Path for Ultrasonic- Magnetorheological Combined Finishing
        By Fei Hu Zhang, Xing Bin Yu, Yong Zhang, Yong Yong Lin   ....435-440   Abstract
  • Odor Suppression of Putrid Water-Soluble Coolant Using Home Ion Generator
        By Shinichi Ninomiya, Manabu Iwai, Kazuyoshi Takano, Toshiharu Shimizu, Kiyoshi Suzuki   ....441- 446   Abstract
  • Study the Rheological Properties of Abrasive Gel with Various Passageways in Abrasive Flow Machining
        By Ken Chuan Cheng, Kuan Yu Chen, A Cheng Wang, Yan Cherng Li   ....447- 456   Abstract
  • Processing Characteristics of Structured Lapping Films under Grinding Load Control
        By Shizuichi Higuchi, Mitsuru Sugisaki, Hideo Kato, Kazuya Okawa   ....457-462   Abstract
  • Design of Product Surface Finish via Magnetic-Assistance
        By Pai Shan Pa   ....463-468   Abstract
  • Lapping of Polycrystalline Diamond Compact (PDC)
        By Alex Fang, Elena Castell Perez, Alex Puerta Gomez, Song Sheng Zhou, Jason Sowers   ....469-474   Abstract
  • Research on the With-In Wafer Non-Uniformity (WIWNU) of the Large Quadrate Optic in the Fast Polishing Process
        By Yin Biao Guo, Wei Yang, Zhen Chen, Yun Feng Peng   ....475- 480   Abstract
  • Fabrication of Small Polishing Tool by Using Electrophoresis Phenomenon
        By Wataru Natsu, Takeshi Miyata   ....481-486   Abstract
  • Identification of Brittle-Ductile Material Removal Characteristics in Ultrasonic Aided Lapping of Engineering Ceramics
        By Feng Jiao, Chong Yang Zhao, Bo Zhao   ....487- 492   Abstract
  • Evaluation of Polished Surface for Viscoelastic Polymer
        By Takao Kubo, Shiro Ota, Masatoshi Oda, Kenichi Hashishita, Yasuhiro Kakinuma   ....493-498   Abstract
  • Research on Axisymmetric Free-Form Creation with Rotating Polishing Tool
        By Shingo Tsubota, Wataru Natsu   ....499-504   Abstract
  • Simulation Study of Sliding Control for Constant Polishing Force Using an Innovative Sphere-Like Polishing Tool on a Machining Center
        By Arif Wahjudi, Fang Jung Shiou   ....505-510   Abstract
  • Chemical Effect on the Material Removal Rate in the CMP of Silicon Wafers
        By Yong Guang Wang, Liang Chi Zhang, Altabul Biddut   ....511-514   Abstract
  • On the Technologies of Electrochemical Mechanical Finishing
        By Gui Bing Pang, Xieeryazidan Adayi, Wen Ji Xu, Y.P. Peng, J.J. Zhou   ....515-520   Abstract
  • EDM Properties of EC-PCD Using a Copper Electrode
        By Shinichi Ninomiya, Manabu Iwai, Gaku Sugino, Takuya Takada, Kiyoshi Suzuki   ....521-526   Abstract
  • Using Electro-Rheological Chain Structure to Improve SKD11 Surface
        By Mîng Chih Hung, Yao Yang Tsai, Lin Wang   ....527-532   Abstract
  • Gear Finishing and Modification Compound Process
        By Pulse Electrochemical Finishing with a Moving Cathode
        By Gui Bing Pang, Wen Ji Xu, Jin Jin Zhou, Dian Ming Li   ....533-538   Abstract
  • A New Polishing Pad of EVA-Adhesive-Dressed-with-SiC-Grits Polishing Face and its Applications in Silicon Wafer Polishing
        By Sung Lin Tsai, Fuang Yuan Huang, B.H. Yan, Yao Ching Tsai   ....539-544   Abstract
  • Mathematical Modeling of Electrochemical Deburring
        By Wen Ji Xu, W. Wang, Xu Yue Wang, Gui Bing Pang   ....545-550   Abstract
  • Study on Precision Polishing of a Mini Roller Mold
        By Choung Lii Chao, Ying Ching Hsiao, Wen Chen Chou, Chia Wei Kuo, Wen Lang Lai, Hung Yi Lin, Kung Jeng Ma   ....551- 556   Abstract
  • Abrasive Wear Caused by EMC Particles
        By Yow Ching Liaw, Jung Hua Chou   ....559-563   Abstract
  • Numerical Simulation on Two-Step Isothermal Glass Lens Molding
        By Shao Hui Yin, Ke Jun Zhu, Yu Fang Wang, Feng Jun Chen, Yu Wang   ....564-569   Abstract
  • Elliptical Ultrasonic Assisted Grinding (EUAG) of Monocrystal Sapphire – Wear Behaviors of Resin Bond Diamond Wheel
        By Yong Bo Wu, Zhi Qiang Liang, Xi Bin Wang, Wei Min Lin   ....573-578   Abstract
  • Effect of Wheel Arrangement on Ground Surface Topography in Horizontal- Axis-Type Rotary Surface Grinding
        By Akihiko Kubo, Junichi Tamaki, A.M.M. Sharif Ullah   ....579-584   Abstract
  • A Study of the Diamond Tools for Grinding Polycrystalline Diamond
        By Shenq Yih Luo, J.K. Ho, Ming Yi Tsai, Y.S. Liou, W.E. Chen   ....585-590   Abstract
  • Complex Grinding Assisted with Electrical Discharge Machining for Electrically Conductive PCD
        By Manabu Iwai, Shinichi Ninomiya, Gaku Sugino, Kiyoshi Suzuk   ....591-596   Abstract
  • Loading in Grinding: Chemical Reactions in Steels and Stainless Steels
        By Jeffrey Badger, Stuart Murphy, Garret E. O'Donnell   ....597-602   Abstract
  • The Application of Three-Dimensional Surface Parameters to Characterizing Grinding Wheel Topography
        By Lan Yan, Zhi Xiong Zhou, Feng Jiang, Yi Ming Rong   ....603-608   Abstract
  • Effect of Ground Surface Roughness of Tool on Adhesion Characteristics of PVD Coating
        By Masahiro Furuno, Koichi Kitajima, Yousuke Tsukuda, Takeshi Akamatsu   ....609-614   Abstract
  • Intermittent Grinding of Advanced Ceramic with the T-Tool Grinding Wheel
        By Taghi Tawakoli, Bahman Azarhoushang   ....615-620   Abstract
  • Characterization and Performance of Monolayer Brazed Polycrystalline CBN Abrasive Tools
        By Wen Feng Ding, Jiu Hua Xu, Z.Z. Chen, Hong Hua Su, Yu Can Fu, Y. Chen   ....621-626   Abstract
  • Thrust Force Directional Vibration-Assisted Ductile-Mode Grinding of Single-Crystal Si
        By Kenichiro Imai, Hiroshi Hashimoto   ....627-632   Abstract
  • Sharpening Mechanism Using Composite Electro-Plating In-Process Sharpening Technique
        By Tai Jia Chen, Rong Tsong Lee, Yuang Cherng Chiou   ....633-638   Abstract
  • Investigation on Material Property of Electrically Conductive Polycrystalline Composite Diamond (EC-PCD)
        By Manabu Iwai, Shinichi Ninomiya, Gaku Sugino, Kiyoshi Suzuk   ....639-644   Abstract
  • Processing EC-PCD by Constant-Force Grinding Assisted with EDM
        By Gaku Sugino, Manabu Iwai, Tadakazu Sano, Shinichi Ninomiya, Kiyoshi Suzuki   ....645-650   Abstract
  • Ultra High Speed Turning of Inconel 718 with Sialon Ceramic Tools
        By Guang Ming Zheng, Jun Zhao, Xin Yu Song, Qing Yuan Cao, Yue En Li   ....653-657   Abstract
  • Analysis of Surface Topography Characteristics in Electrochemical Mechanical Finishing
        By Z.F. Wei, Wen Ji Xu, Gui Bing Pang, Xu Yue Wang   ....658-663   Abstract
  • Effects of Cutting Parameters on the Transverse Vibration of Diamond Circular Saw Blade
        By Huai Ying Fang, Yuan Li, Hui Huang, Xi Peng Xu   ....667-671   Abstract
  • Modeling and Simulation of 3D Surface Finish of Grinding
        By A.M.M. Sharif Ullah, Junichi Tamaki, Akihiko Kubo   ....672-677   Abstract
  • Condition Monitoring in a Machine Tool Spindle Using Wireless Sensor
        By Chao Ching Ho, Tzu Hsin Kuo, Tsung Ting Tsai   ....678-683   Abstract
  • Approaches to In-Process Measurement of Surface Roughness in Cylindrical Grinding
        By T. Tachikawa, Kazuhito Ohashi, M. Tago, Shinya Tsukamoto   ....684-689   Abstract
  • The Three-Dimensional Surface Topographic Characterisation of Diamond Grinding Wheels
        By David Lee Butler   ....690-695   Abstract
  • Online Measurement of the Crankshaft Crankpin Roundness Errors in the Process of Coordinate Polishing with Abrasive Tap
        By Gui Jian Xiao, Yun Huang, Z. Huang, Li Na Si   ....696-700   Abstract
  • Improvement in Oxide-Pattern Sizes Controllability on Scanning Probe Nanolithography
        By Teppei Onuki, Takashi Tokizaki, Hirotaka Ojima, Jun Shimizu, Li Bo Zhou   ....701-706   Abstract
  • A Novel Piezoelectric Grinding Dynamometer for Monitoring Ultra-Precision Grinding of Silicon Wafers
        By Jun Zhang, Bo Liu, Min Qian, Xiang Long Zhu, Ren Ke Kang   ....707-712   Abstract
  • The Development of the Automatic Measurement of Straightness Using
        By a Ball Screw
        By Ginsuke Kono, Takaharu Kuroda, Teruyoshi Daitoh, Kuniaki Maruoka   ....713-718   Abstract
  • Study of AE Signal for Tool Wear Monitoring in Micro Milling Based on LVQ Algorithm
        By Chia Liang Yen, Ming Chyuan Lu, Jau Liang Chen   ....719-725   Abstract
  • New Development of Contact Probe and Methodology
        By Gunsei Kimoto, Takehiro Watanabe, Souta Matsusaka, Akio Inoue, Takaharu Kuroda   ....726-731   Abstract
  • Design of Digital Filters for Si Wafer Surface Profile Measurement – Noise Reduction by Lifting Scheme Wavelet Transform
        By Kazutaka Nonomura, Masashi Ono, Li Bo Zhou, Jun Shimizu, Hirotaka Ojima   ....732-737   Abstract
  • Online Cutting Tool Wear Monitoring Using I-Kaz Method and New Regression Model
        By Jaharah Abd. Ghani, Muhammad Rizal, Mohd Zaki Nuawi, Che Hassan Che Haron, Mariyam Jameelah Ghazali, Mohd Nizam Ab Rahman   ....738-743   Abstract
  • On-Line Inspection of the Surface Roughness of Workpiece in Ultraprecision Machining
        By Hsi Hsun Tsai, Hui Ping Feng   ....744-751   Abstract
  • Wear Performance Evaluation of Tungsten Carbide Taps in Blind Hole Tapping Cast Iron
        By Ming Chen, Xiao Hui Zhang, Bing Han, Bin Rong, Gang Liu   ....755-759   Abstract
  • A Study of the Cutting Temperatures of Turning Stainless Steels with Chamfered Main Cutting Edge Nose Radius Worn Tools
        By Chung Shin Chang   ....760-766   Abstract
  • Development and Analysis of Special-Shaped Stone Multi-Function NC Machining Center
        By Ke Zhang, De Hong Zhao, Hua Guo, Bao Jia Hou, Yu Hou Wu   ....767-772   Abstract
  • Experimental Study on Milling Hardened SKD Steel Using Micro CBN Ball-End Mills
        By Yung Tien Liu, Neng Hsin Chiu, Yen Chun Lin, Chih Liang Lai, Yu Fu Lin, Hung Hsiang Chiu   ....773-778   Abstract
  • Drilling Force and Temperature of Bone by Surgical Drill
        By Yi Xin Yang, Cheng Yong Wang, Zhe Qin, Lin Lin Xu, Yue Xian Song, Han Yuan Chen   ....779-784   Abstract
  • A Ball-Bar Based Error Measurement Method for a RRTTT-Type Five-Axis Machine Tool
        By Shih Ming Wang, Han Jen Yu, Da Fan Chen   ....785-790   Abstract
  • Research on a Helical Drill Point Grinding Machine
        By Ping Zou, Xu Lei Yang, Jin Zhong Xu, Wen Yuan Tian, Ming H   ....791-795   Abstract
  • Development of a Reverse Micro EDM-Drilling for Holing Diamond-Tool
        By Shun Tong Chen, Zong Han Jiang, Yi Ying Wu, Hong Ye Yang   ....802-807   Abstract
  • Study on Thermal Properties of Hybri
        By Shi Chao Xiu, Shi Qiang Gao, Zhi Li Sun   ....808-813   Abstract
  • Grinding and Polishing of Nanolayered Structures: Thin Film Amorphous Silicon Solar Panels
        By Taro Sumitomo, Li Bo Zhou, Han Huang   ....817-822   Abstract
  • CIMDW – A New Technique of Corona Ignited Micro-Discharge in Microwelding
        By Yunn Shiuan Liao, J.Y. Lin, Y.C. Chung, T.Y. Yang   ....823-828   Abstract
  • Modeling Aspect Ratio of a Micro EDM Hole
        By G. Yin, Z. Yu, C. An, J. Li   ....829-834   Abstract
  • Effect of Material Type and Tip Radius of AFM Probes on Nanosheets Groove Machining Accuracy
        By Kazuya Demura, Satoru Hirose, Tohru Ihara   ....835-842   Abstract
  • Mold Fabricated by Nanoscratching for Nanoimprint Lithography
        By Wataru Ohsone, Jun Shimizu, Li Bo Zhou, Hirotaka Ojima, Teppei Onuki, Takeyuki Yamamoto, Han Huang   ....843-848   Abstract
  • The Determination of Key Material Property in High Energy Beam Drilling
        By Je Ee Ho, Chen Lung Yen   ....849-854   Abstract
  • Grindability of Micro Pyramid-Structured Surface for Various Hard and Brittle Materials
        By Jin Xie, Y.X. Lu, Y.W. Zhuo   ....855-860   Abstract
  • Evaluating the Micromachining Rate of Nanosecond Laser with Thermal Analysis
        By Je Ee Ho, Hong Tsu Young   ....861-866   Abstract
  • Optimal Parameter Design in Flip Chip Micro-Machining Process for Solder Residue by Using Design of Experiments Approach
        By Jian Long Kuo, Chun Cheng Kuo   ....867-872   Abstract
  • .Influence of the Electrochemical Dissolution Effect on the Material Removal Rate Utilizing Electrokinetic Phenomenon
        By C.S. Leo, David Lee Butler, Sum Huan Ng, Steven Danyluk   ...873-878   Abstract
  • A Study of Uncut Chips Produced by CNT Grinding Wheel
        By Y. Zhang, Y. Gao, J. You   ....879-884   Abstract
  • In Situ: A Novel Approach for the Production of Micro Holes
        By K.P. Somashekhar, N. Ramachandran, Jose Mathew   ....885-890   Abstract
  • Analysis of Mechanical Property of Crystal CaF2 and Effects of Tool Rake Angle on Ductile Machining Process
        By Ming Jun Chen, Wen Bin Jiang   ....891-896   Abstract
  • Investigation of Surface Integrity in Conventional Grinding of Ti-6Al-4V
        By Guo Qiang Guo, Zhi Qiang Liu, Xiao Jiang Cai, Qing Long An, Ming Chen   ....899-904   Abstract
  • Effect of Aged AlN Reinforced Al-Si Alloys on Dry Sliding Wear Behaviour
        By Mariyam Jameelah Ghazali, Mahamad Noor Wahab, Abdul Razak Daud, Jaharah Abd. Ghani   ....905-910   Abstract
  • Optimal Cutting Parameters for Desired Surface Roughness in End Milling Inconel 718
        By Yuan Wei Wang, Song Zhang, Jian Feng Li, Tong Chao Ding   ....911-916   Abstract
  • Polish Properties of Nano-Cluster Diamonds on Glass Substrates
        By S.H. Sung, Y.C. Cheng, A.H. Tan   ....917-922   Abstract
  • Study on the Cutting Force, Temperature and Residual Stress in Milling the New Rotor Steel
        By Ming Chen, Bin Zou, Shu Qiao Zhang, Bin Rong, Gang Liu   ....923-928   Abstract
  • Electromigration Analysis and Electro-Thermo-Mechanical Design for Package- on-Package (POP)
        By Hsiang Chen Hsu, Shen Wen Ju, Jie Rong Lu, Yue Min Wan   ....929-934   Abstract
  • The Research of Modulation Period on Photoelectric Properties of Ti/TiN Multilayer Films
        By Min Hu, Ying Liu   ....935-939   Abstract
  • Study on Deformation and Damage of Single Crystal MgO by Micro-Scratch
        By Zhi Gang Dong, C.W. Kang   ....940-945   Abstract
  • Micro Abrasive Jet Machining of Silicon Carbide (SiC) Fiber Reinforced Ceramic Matrix Composite
        By Ke Ju Chou, Hatsuhiko Usami, Kazuki Enomoto   ....946-951   Abstract
  • Thermal Transport in the Copper Powders with Nanometer and Micrometer Particles
        By Ching Yen Ho, Yu Hsiang Tsai, Feng Ming Sui   ....952-956
  • A Study of Mechanical Properties of Human Femoral Heads Using Nanoindentation
        By Chih Ling Lin, Han Huang, Bronwen W. Cribb, Anthony Russel   ....957-962   Abstract
  • Wear Rate Predication for Steel Based on Regression Analysis
        By Yu Tao Yan, Zhi Li Sun, Tao Zhu   ....965-969   Abstract
  • Plastic Flow and Related Wear Mechanisms of CVD TiC Coatings
        By Hsi Hsin Chien, Kung Jeng Ma, Yun Peng Yeh, S. Prabhakar Vattikuti, Chien Hung Kuo, Choung Lii Chao   ....970-975   Abstract
  • Experimental Research on Wear Random Process
        By Zhi Li Sun, Yun Feng Zhang, Yu Tao Yan   ....976-980   Abstract
  • Experimental Study on Friction Characteristics of Hot-Pressing Matrix and Granite under Dry Sliding Conditions
        By Long Chen Duan, Shao Lin Xu, Hao Shi, Jun Ping Li   ....981-986   Abstract
  • Analysis of Surface Roughness Transformation of Oxide Scale during Hot Steel Manufacturing
        By Zheng Yi Jiang, Jian Ning Tang, Anh Kiet Tieu, Wei Hua Sun, Dong Bin Wei   ....987-992   Abstract
  • Dressing of Monolayer Brazed Diamond Wheel for Grinding Li-Ti Ferrite
        By Hong Hua Su, Yu Can Fu, Jiu Hua Xu, Wen Feng Ding, Hong Jun Xu   ....995-1000
  • Generation Process of Cutting-Edge Distribution on Grinding Wheel with Single-Point Diamond Dressing
        By Haruhisa Sakamoto, Shinji Shimizu   ....1001-1006   Abstract
  • Nozzle-Type ELID Grinding Characteristics of Cemented Carbides
        By Shao Hui Yin, Kun Tang, Hitoshi Ohmori, Xian Liang Zeng, Feng Jun Chen, Yu Wang   ....1007- 1012   Abstract
  • The CMP by Polishing with GiP Dressed by BODD
        By James C. Sung, Ming Yi Tsai, Cheng Shiang Chou, Pei Lum Tso, Ying Tung Chen   ....1013-1018   Abstract
  • Surface Roughness and Morphology of Titanium Plate Ground with Fixed and Loose Brown Alumina Abrasives
        By Q.L. Han, Wen Ming Zhang   ....1019-1022
  • Study on Plane Magnetic Abrasive Finishing Process - Experimental and Theoretical Analysis on Polishing Trajectory -
        By Yan Hua Zou, An Yuan Jiao, Toshio Aizawa   ....1023-1028   Abstract
  • Investigation of Semi-Fixed Abrasive Plate Wear Characteristics
        By Ping Zhao, Qian Fa Deng, Bing Hai Lv, Wei Hang, Zhi Wei Wang, Ju Long Yuan   ....1029- 1033   Abstract

    (EUAG) 573-578
    (MRR) 311-315
    3D Surface Finish 672-677
    5-Axis Machine Tool 785-790
    Abrasion 873-878
    Abrasive 133-138
    Abrasive 148-153
    Abrasive 3-8
    Abrasive Blasting 29-34
    Abrasive Cleaning 29-34
    Abrasive Flow Machining 447-456
    Abrasive Grits 23-28
    Abrasive Jet 3-8
    Abrasive Jet Machining 946-951
    Abrasive Machining 1019-1022
    Abrasive Machining 125-126
    Abrasive Wear 195-201
    Abrasive-Free Polishing 316-319
    Acoustic Emission (AE) 719-725
    Acoustic Wave 246-251
    Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System (ANFIS) 171-176
    Adhesive Wear 195-201
    Advanced Ceramic 252-257
    AFM Probe 835-842
    Ag-Cu-Ti Alloy 621-626
    Air 407-412
    Al/SiC-MMC 220-225
    AlN 905-910
    Al-Si Alloy 905-910
    Altitude Density Function 658-663
    Alumina 511-514
    Aluminium Alloy 107-112
    Aluminium Silicon Alloy 226-231
    Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) 381-387
    Anisotropic Conductive Film (ACF) Attach Process 208-213
    Anodic Oxidation 701-706
    Approach Angle 202-207
    Aspect Ratio 35-40
    Aspect Ratio 829-834
    Aspect Ratio 855-860
    Aspheric Surface 499-504
    Assisted Machining 252-257
    Assisted Machining 311-315
    Atmospheric Pressure Plasma 423-428
    Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) 17-22
    Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) 843-848
    Attachment 407-412
    Auto Correlation Function 658-663
    Automatic Moving Measurement 713-718
    Ball 125-126
    Ball Screw 713-718
    Belt Grinding 133-138
    Belt Wear 133-138
    Bending 388-393
    Best Fitting Sphere 564-569
    Blob 597-602
    Bond 585-590
    Bone Drilling 779-784
    Boron-Doped Diamond (BDD) 591-596
    Boron-Doped Diamond (BDD) 645-650
    Brazing 995-1000
    Brazing Interface 621-626
    Brittle 3-8
    Brittle Material 627-632
    Brittle Mode 401-406
    Brittle Wafer 429-434
    Buffing 493-498
    CaF2 Crystal 891-896
    Camshaft Grinding 127-132
    Carbide Insert 195-201
    Carbide Tip's Surface Temperature 760-766
    Carbide Tool 347-352
    Carbomer 469-474
    Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer (CFRP) 52-57
    Carbon Nanotube (CNT) 879-884
    Case Based Reasoning (CBR) 127-132
    Cast Iron 755-759
    CBN Tool 252-257
    Cemented Carbide 1007-1012
    Ceramic 258-262
    Ceria 511-514
    Ch Computing Environment 295-304
    Characteristic 88-95
    Characterization 603-608
    Charging 17-22
    Chatter 214-219
    Chemical Corrosion 316-319
    Chemical Mechanical Polishing (CMP) 271-275
    Chemical Mechanical Polishing (CMP) 276-281
    Chemical Mechanical Polishing (CMP) 311-315
    Chemical Mechanical Polishing (CMP) 320-325
    Chemo-Mechanical Grinding (CMG) 282-288
    Chemo-Mechanical Polishing 511-514
    Chip 879-884
    Clean 208-213
    CMP 1013-1018
    CMP 326-331
    CMP 332-337
    CMP 429-434
    CNT Uncut Chip Model 879-884
    CO2 Laser Irradiation 401-406
    Cobalt Bond 585-590
    Coherent Light Scattering 744-751
    Cold Air Cutting 341-346
    Combined Device 713-718
    Compact Robot 415-420
    Complex Grinding Assisted with
    Complex Grinding Assisted with
    Composite Electro-Plating In-Process Sharpening (CEPIS) 633-638
    Concrete 70-76
    Conductive Diamond 521-526
    Contact Area 101-106
    Contact Condition 41-46
    Contact Force 726-731
    Contact Mechanics 276-281
    Contact Mechanics 305-310
    Contact Stress Uniformity 305-310
    Control 35-40
    Coordinate Polishing with Abrasive Tap 696-700
    Copper Electrode 521-526
    Copper Film
    Corona Ignited Micro-Discharge Welding (CIMDW) 823-828
    Cortical Bone 957-962
    Crack 940-945
    Crack Pass 946-951
    Crankpin 696-700
    Critical Depth of Cut 263-268
    Cross Grinding 579-584
    CrSiN Coating Film 609-614
    Curved Surface Shape 388-393
    Cutterhead Simulation 189-194
    Cutting 189-194
    Cutting 35-40
    Cutting Force 214-219
    Cutting Force 923-928
    Cutting Grain 879-884
    Cutting Parameter 667-671
    Cutting Performance 220-225
    Cutting Performance 226-231
    Cutting Performance 755-759
    Cutting Temperature 923-928
    Cutting Tool 639-644
    Cutting-Edge Density 1001-1006
    CVD 970-975
    CVD Diamond Film 633-638
    CVI-SiC/SiC Composite 946-951
    Cylindrical Grinding 684-689
    Cylindrical Specimen 551-556
    Cylindricity 202-207
    Damage Free 423-428
    Deformation 940-945
    Design 767-772
    Design of Experiments (DOE) Method 867-872
    Diamond 995-1000
    Diamond Bit Matrix 981-986
    Diamond Circular Saw Blade 667-671
    Diamond Conditioner 320-325
    Diamond Cutting 246-251
    Diamond Disk 332-337
    Diamond Grinding Wheel 113-118
    Diamond Grinding Wheel 855-860
    Diamond Orientation 326-331
    Diamond Probe 843-848
    Diamond Tool 585-590
    Diamond Tool 70-76
    Diamond Wheel 107-112
    Diamond Wheel 573-578
    Dicing-then-Breaking 263-268
    Digital Elevation Model (DEM) 241-245
    Digital Filter 732-737
    Digital Machining 672-677
    Dissolving 545-550
    DLC 220-225
    Double-Sided Polishing Process 64-69
    Dressing 1001-1006
    Dressing 995-1000
    Drill Point Grinding 791-795
    Drilling Force 779-784
    Drilling Temperature 779-784
    Drilling-Grinding 258-262
    Dry Turning 347-352
    Ductile 3-8
    Ductile Mode 246-251
    Ductile Mode 401-406
    Ductile Mode 891-896
    Ductile Mode Grinding 627-632
    Ductile Mode Machining 289-294
    Ductile Regime Machining 235-240
    Duty Factor 407-412
    Dynamometer 361-366
    Eco-Friendly 415-420
    EC-PCD 521-526
    EC-PCD 591-596
    EC-PCD 645-650
    EDM 527-532
    EDM 591-596
    EDM 645-650
    EDM Property 521-526
    EDM-Drilling 802-807
    Elastic Recovery 235-240
    Electrical Contact Resistance 726-731
    Electrically Conductive Diamond 591-596
    Electrically Conductive Diamond 639-644
    Electrically Conductive Diamond 645-650
    Electrochemical Deburring 545-550
    Electrochemical Dissolution 873-878
    Electrochemical Finishing 463-468
    Electrochemical Finishing 533-538
    Electrochemical Machining 515-520
    Electrochemical Mechanical
    Electrochemical Mechanical Finishing 658-663
    Electrode Size 527-532
    Electrokinetic 873-878
    Electromigration 929-934
    Electrophoresis 481-486
    Electroplating Diamond 258-262
    Electrorheological Effect 527-532
    Electro-Thermo-Mechanical Design 929-934
    Elliptical Ultrasonic Assisted Grinding
    Elliptical Ultrasonic Assisted Grinding (EUAG) 367-372
    Encapsulation Molding Compound 559-563
    Engineering Ceramics 487-492
    Environmental Impact 415-420
    Erosion 3-8
    Erosion 873-878
    Error Measurement 785-790
    Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate (EVA) 539-544
    Evaluation 493-498
    Experiment 808-813
    Experimental Investigation 241-245
    Expert System 127-132
    Fatigue 214-219
    FCD700 Cast Iron 347-352
    Feed Rate 214-219
    Femtosecond Laser 394-400
    Ferrite 995-1000
    Fiber Direction 52-57
    Finish 347-352
    Finish 463-468
    Finishing 515-520
    Finishing 515-520
    Finishing Characteristics 457-462
    Finite Difference Method (FDM) 52-57
    Finite Element Analysis (FEA) 23-28
    Finite Element Analysis (FEA) 341-346
    Finite Element Method 760-766
    Five-Axis Grinding 41-46
    Fixed Abrasive 17-22
    Fixed Abrasive Pad (FAP) 82-87
    Fixed-Abrasive Polishing 415-420
    Flaking 195-201
    Flatness 82-87
    Flexing 133-138
    Floating Polishing 551-556
    Fly Cutting 252-257
    Force 202-207
    Force 271-275
    Force 457-462
    Force Measurement 47-51
    Fourier Filtering 603-608
    FPP 475-480
    Fracture 263-268
    Free Form 499-504
    Frequency 139-142
    Frequency 767-772
    Friction 981-986
    Friction 987-992
    Friction Coefficient 981-986
    Gear 533-538
    Geometric Simulation 77-81
    Geometrical Accuracy 202-207
    Glass 258-262
    Glass Substrate 917-922
    Glass Surface 415-420
    Grain Arrangement 107-112
    Granite 981-986
    Graphite 1013-1018
    Grinder 361-366
    Grinder 707-712
    Grinder 791-795
    Grinding 113-118
    Grinding 119-124
    Grinding 143-147
    Grinding 159-164
    Grinding 23-28
    Grinding 367-372
    Grinding 591-596
    Grinding 597-602
    Grinding 645-650
    Grinding 672-677
    Grinding 690-695
    Grinding 88-95
    Grinding 899-904
    Grinding 96-100
    Grinding Dynamometer 707-712
    Grinding Efficiency 457-462
    Grinding Energy 615-620
    Grinding Fluid 107-112
    Grinding Force 1007-1012
    Grinding Force 154-158
    Grinding Force 361-366
    Grinding Force 47-51
    Grinding Force 573-578
    Grinding Force 615-620
    Grinding Force 88-95
    Grinding Machine 808-813
    Grinding Mechanism 47-51
    Grinding Performance 621-626
    Grinding Speed 154-158
    Grinding Surface 609-614
    Grinding Temperature Field 52-57
    Grinding Wheel 1001-1006
    Grinding Wheel Topography 603-608
    Groove Machining
    Groove Machining Accuracy 835-842
    Ground Surface Topography 579-584
    Hard Material 627-632
    Hardened Steel 773-778
    Hardness 957-962
    Heat Transfer 952-956
    Heat Transfer Analysis 58-63
    Heat Treatment 159-164
    Heat Treatment 905-910
    Helical Drill Point 791-795
    Helical Passageway 447-456
    HFCVD 220-225
    HFCVD 226-231
    High Efficiency Deep
    High Speed Grinding 154-158
    High Speed Turning 653-657
    High-Speed Machining 773-778
    Home Ion Generator 441-446
    Horizontal-Axis-Type Rotary Surface Grinding 579-584
    Hybrid Journal Bearing 808-813
    IC Package 559-563
    I-kaz Method 738-743
    Inconel 718 653-657
    Inner Wall Polishing 165-170
    In-Process Measurement 684-689
    Interface Strength 946-951
    Intermittent Grinding 615-620
    Intermittent Removal Process 627-632
    Jet Beam 9-13
    Lapping 1029-1033
    Lapping 17-22
    Lapping 423-428
    Lapping 469-474
    Large Particle 181-186
    Laser Assisted 58-63
    Laser Forming 388-393
    Life Cycle Assessment 415-420
    Lifting Wavelet 732-737
    Liquid Flow 829-834
    Lithium Niobate 246-251
    Loading 597-602
    Lotus Effect 353-358
    LVQ 719-725
    Machine Monitoring 678-683
    Machined Surface 923-928
    Machining 148-153
    Machining 3-8
    Machining 77-81
    Machining Center 767-772
    Machining Characteristics 481-486
    Machining Efficiency 282-288
    Machining Force 289-294
    Machining Rate 946-951
    Machining Simulation 96-100
    Magnetic-Assistance 463-468
    Magnetron Sputtering 935-939
    Material 88-95
    Material Removal
    Material Removal 1023-1028
    Material Removal Characteristics 487-492
    Material Removal Mechanism 946-951
    Material Removal Model 435-440
    Material Removal Rate
    Material Removal Rate (MRR) 849-854
    Material Type 835-842
    Materials Removal Ratio 407-412
    Mathematical Model 738-743
    Measurement 732-737
    Mechanical Micro-Machining 719-725
    Mechanical Property 891-896
    Media 148-153
    Metal Particles 559-563
    Method (RSM) 867-872
    Micro Abrasive Suspension Slurry 9-13
    Micro Air Abrasive Jet 35-40
    Micro Aspheric Glass Lens 564-569
    Micro Ball-End Mill 773-778
    Micro EDM 375-380
    Micro EDM 829-834
    Micro Grinding 855-860
    Micro Groove 375-380
    Micro Machining 375-380
    Micro Wire Electric Discharge Grinding (µ-WEDG) 885-890
    Micro-Electrode 375-380
    Microflaking 970-975
    Micro-Hole 375-380
    Micro-Hole 829-834
    Micro-Morphology 1007-1012
    Microparticle 952-956
    Microstructure 394-400
    Microstructure Characterization 621-626
    Microtechnology 823-828
    Microwelding 823-828
    Mill 214-219
    Milling Tool 220-225
    Mini-Disc 189-194
    Mirror 125-126
    Mode 835-842
    Modeling 545-550
    Modification 533-538
    Modulation Period 935-939
    Mold 843-848
    Monitoring 738-743
    Motion 475-480
    MQL 353-358
    Multi Straight-Line
    Nano Cluster Diamond 917-922
    Nano Machining 879-884
    Nano Particles Cutting Fluid 353-358
    Nano-Composite Ceramic 139-142
    Nano-Fabrication 701-706
    Nanogrinding 817-822
    Nanoimprint Lithography 843-848
    Nanoindentation 235-240
    Nanoindentation 957-962
    Nanolayer 817-822
    Nanolithography 701-706
    Nanometer 873-878
    Nanoscratching 843-848
    Nanosheet 835-842
    Nano-Surface 415-420
    Negative Ions 441-446
    Nickel Chloride 633-638
    NiP Plate
    Noise 732-737
    Nonlocal Theory 139-142
    Normal Process 976-980
    Nozzle-Type ELID Grinding 1007-1012
    Odor Suppression 441-446
    on Wafer 316-319
    Online Measurement 696-700
    Online Tool Wear
    Optical Grade Glass 802-807
    Optimal Cutting Parameter 911-916
    Optimization 29-34
    Optimized Pattern 82-87
    Overcut 885-890
    Overdrive 726-731
    Oxidation 597-602
    Oxide Scale 987-992
    Package-on-Package 929-934
    Pad 1013-1018
    Pad Conditioner 1013-1018
    Pad Conditioner 332-337
    Pad Dressing 326-331
    Parallel Grinding 579-584
    Particle Erosion 559-563
    Particle Size 952-956
    Passivant 316-319
    PCD 326-331
    PCD 521-526
    PCD 585-590
    PCD 591-596
    PCD 639-644
    PCD 645-650
    PDC 469-474
    Peak Current 407-412
    pH 511-514
    Photodiode 744-751
    Photosensitive Glass 394-400
    Photovoltaic Energy 125-126
    Piezoelectric Effect 707-712
    Pile-Up 235-240
    Planarization 311-315
    Plane Magnetic Abrasive Finishing
    Planning 435-440
    Plasma 823-828
    Plastic Flow 970-975
    Plate Material 17-22
    Plug Dishing 276-281
    Point-Attack Pick 189-194
    Polish 527-532
    Polish 917-922
    Polishing 493-498
    Polishing 499-504
    Polishing 551-556
    Polishing 817-822
    Polishing 9-13
    Polishing Condition 493-498
    Polishing Pad 320-325
    Polishing Pad 539-544
    Polishing Process 505-510
    Polishing Trajectory of Magnetic Brush 1023-1028
    Polycrystalline CBN Abrasive Grai 621-626
    Polycrystalline Diamond Compact 469-474
    Polyline Dwell Time 435-440
    Powder 952-956
    Powder Jet Deposition 58-63
    Predictive Model 35-40
    Pressure Standard Deviation 64-69
    Pre-Stressed Machining 241-245
    Probability Distribution of Chip Thickness 101-106
    Process 1023-1028
    Process 171-176
    Process 289-294
    Process 672-677
    Process Parameter 119-124
    Process Parameter 96-100
    Processing Heat 258-262
    Property 639-644
    Protrusion 585-590
    Pulsed Ablation 861-866
    Putrefaction of Coolant 441-446
    PVD Coating 609-614
    Pyramid-Structured Surface 855-860
    Quartz Crystal 707-712
    Quartz Glass 235-240
    Random Process 976-980
    Rate 511-514
    Rate 965-969
    Ratio 591-596
    Ratio 645-650
    Reality 96-100
    Reduced Modulus 957-962
    Reference Ratio of Gap Voltage 407-412
    Reflectivity 935-939
    Regression Analysis 965-969
    Reinforced Particle 905-910
    Relative Electrode
    Removal 133-138
    Removal 873-878
    Reparation 58-63
    Representation 127-132
    Residual Stress 143-147
    Residual Stress 923-928
    Response Surface
    Response Surface Method (RSM) 208-213
    Reverse Co-Centric Micro-Hole
    Rotational Tool 289-294
    Roughness 101-106
    Roughness 271-275
    Roughness 447-456
    Roughness 539-544
    Roughness 684-689
    Roughness 911-916
    Roughness 987-992
    Sand Blasting 29-34
    Sand Cleaning 29-34
    Sapphire 367-372
    Sapphire 429-434
    Sapphire 573-578
    Scanning Probe Microscope 701-706
    Scanning Speed 499-504
    Scratch 940-945
    Scratch-Free 423-428
    Scribing 263-268
    Scrub 726-731
    Segmented Wheel 615-620
    Semiconductor 332-337
    Semi-Fixed Abrasive Tool 1029-1033
    Semi-Fixed Abrasive Tool 181-186
    Sensor 678-683
    Sensor Signal Monitoring 295-304
    Serrated Chip 653-657
    Sheet Resistance 935-939
    Si Wafer 289-294
    Sialon Ceramic Tool 653-657
    Signal to Noise Ratio 911-916
    Silica 401-406
    Silicon 177-180
    Silicon Carbide (SiC) 423-428
    Silicon Carbide (SiC) 429-434
    Silicon Nitride Insert 226-231
    Silicon Wafer 113-118
    Silicon Wafer 295-304
    Silicon Wafer 361-366
    Silicon Wafer 579-584
    Silicon Wafer 707-712
    Silicon Wafer 732-737
    Silicon Wafer 843-848
    Simulation 119-124
    Simulation 241-245
    Simulation 564-569
    Simulation 767-772
    Simulation 808-813
    Simulation 891-896
    Single Crystal MgO 940-945
    Single-Point Diamond Dresser 1001-1006
    Single-Point Fly Cutting 235-240
    Sliding Control 505-510
    Slotting 214-219
    Sn4.0Ag0.5Cu Solder Ball 929-934
    Solar Cell 177-180
    Solar Cell Efficiency 125-126
    Solar Energy Transmission 678-683
    Solar Panel 817-822
    Solder Bead 867-872
    Solder Residue 867-872
    Sound Wave Welding Head 381-387
    Specific Energy 189-194
    Specific Grinding Energy 88-95
    Sphere-Like Polishing
    Spherical Indenter 235-240
    Spiral Polishing 165-170
    Stability 64-69
    Stable Grinding Force 591-596
    Stainless Steel 760-766
    Steel Manufacturing 987-992
    Stone 667-671
    Stone 767-772
    Straightness 713-718
    Stress 475-480
    Structured Lapping Film 457-462
    Submodel Scheme 929-934
    Subsurface Damage 113-118
    Subsurface Damage 401-406
    Super-High Speed Point Grinding 101-106
    Super-High Speed Point Grinding 47-51
    Surface 609-614
    Surface Accuracy 282-288
    Surface Condition 645-650
    Surface Creation 499-504
    Surface Damage 282-288
    Surface Grinding 107-112
    Surface Integrity 899-904
    Surface Morphology 1019-1022
    Surface Quality 171-176
    Surface Quality 367-372
    Surface Quality 515-520
    Surface Quality 658-663
    Surface Roughness 1001-1006
    Surface Roughness 1019-1022
    Surface Roughness 1023-1028
    Surface Roughness 154-158
    Surface Roughness 311-315
    Surface Roughness 367-372
    Surface Roughness 573-578
    Surface Roughness 615-620
    Surface Roughness 633-638
    Surface Roughness 744-751
    Surface Roughness 885-890
    Surface Roughness 9-13
    Surface Texture 177-180
    Surgical Drill 779-784
    Swivel Angle 101-106
    Swivel Angle 47-51
    Taguchi Method 165-170
    Taguchi Method 381-387
    Taguchi Method 539-544
    Taguchi Method 911-916
    Tapping Blind Hole 755-759
    Temperature Field 808-813
    Temperature Rise 271-275
    TFT-LCD 208-213
    Theory 305-310
    Thermoelectric Effect 684-689
    Thrust Force Directional Vibration 627-632
    Ti Sheet 388-393
    Ti/Tin Multilayer Film 935-939
    Ti-6A1-4 353-358
    Ti-6Al-4V 107-112
    Ti-6Al-4V 899-904
    TiAlN Coating Film 609-614
    TiC Coating 970-975
    Tip Radius 835-842
    TiSiN Coating Film 609-614
    Titanium 195-201
    Titanium Alloy 88-95
    Titanium Alloy 899-904
    Titanium Plate 1019-1022
    Tool 481-486
    Tool 505-510
    Tool Breakage 214-219
    Tool Fabrication 481-486
    Tool Life 214-219
    Tool Life 347-352
    Tool Life 481-486
    Tool Wear 615-620
    Tool Wear 773-778
    Tool Wear Monitoring 719-725
    Topography 148-153
    Topography 690-695
    Topography Characteristics 658-663
    Toric Grinding Wheel 41-46
    Toughened Alumina Ceramics 143-147
    Toy Surface 463-468
    Trabecular Bone 957-962
    Trajectory Density 82-87
    Transfer Coefficient 341-346
    Transverse Vibration 667-671
    Trap Effect 181-186
    Tungsten Carbide 579-584
    Tungsten Carbide Tap 755-759
    Turning 202-207
    Turning 760-766
    Two Dimensional Ultrasonic
    Two-Sensor Tracing Principle 696-700
    Two-Step Isothermal Glass Lens Molding 564-569
    Two-Step-Dicing 263-268
    Ultra-High Speed Grinding 77-81
    Ultra-Precision Cutting 891-896
    Ultraprecision Machining 744-751
    Ultrasonic 381-387
    Ultrasonic Aided Lapping 487-492
    Ultrasonic Grinding 139-142
    Ultrasonic Vibration
    Ultrasonic Vibration 143-147
    Ultrasonic-Magnetorheological Combined Finishing 435-440
    Ultrasound 1013-1018
    Uniform Design 965-969
    Uniformity 447-456
    UV Treatment 159-164
    Velocity 559-563
    Vibration 282-288
    Vickers Indenter 235-240
    Viscoelastic Polymer 493-498
    Vitrified CBN Wheel 154-158
    Volumetric Error 785-790
    VRML 77-81
    V-Shaped Cutting Tool 235-240
    Wafer Polishing 295-304
    Water-Soluble Coolant 441-446
    Wear 573-578
    Wear 585-590
    Wear 690-695
    Wear 755-759
    Wear 82-87
    Wear 970-975
    Wear 976-980
    Wear 981-986
    Wear Mechanism 195-201
    Wear Mechanism 653-657
    Wear Mechanism 965-969
    Wear Property 639-644
    Wear Ratio 407-412
    Wheel 879-884
    Wheel Topography 119-124
    White Light Interferometer 603-608
    Wiener Process 976-980
    Wire Sawing 177-180
    Wire Sawing 70-76
    Wireless Sensor 667-671
    WIWNU 475-480
    Work Hardening 17-22
    Working Surface 1001-1006
    Zinc Alloy 463-468

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